I am reluctantly blogging!

Greetings, all who stumble across the blog.  I am a writer in New York working with an agency on releasing my first series of novels for the Young Adult audience, called the Treadwell Academy Series. The first book is due to hit shelves (or Kindles, more aptly) this April. So, at the forceful encouraging of my marketing & publishing company, I am blogging.

It’s not that I’m opposed to blogging at all – it’s just that most of my life is so mundane that there’s not much to say about it. Today is Sunday. I jogged (see picture), engaged in conversation with the dogs of other New Yorkers at the park, thought about also going to the gym but did not (no surprise there), returned an article of clothing to Anthropologie that I purchased on a whim after a glass of Prosecco last Friday night (drunk shopping never results in flattering apparel acquisition), and drank a near-toxic amount of coffee.

While I’m working on the second and third novels in the Treadwell series in tandem, my weekends are largely devoted to writing with the assistance of my chihuahua mix, Maxim. However, when my mind navigates away from the world of boarding school brats, it swerves into the territory of sci-fi fiction. So this weekend I began a side project about the end of the world. Literally the end of the world, or End of Days as crazy people on the New York City subway system refer to it. I tend to veer far away from religious topics but I’ve been thinking a great deal about zombies lately (who hasn’t been?) and have been very fascinated with fantastical circumstances under which bodies might rise from the dead. I should divulge that I have also been thinking a great deal lately about organic crunchy peanut butter and how much I like to eat it… I’m kind of all over the  map when it comes to obsessions. This particular obsession got me writing, and I put about nine pages down on paper today about a girl named Kora who works at a nursing home and is living kind of a dead-end life in her parents’ house when suddenly generations and generations of dead people start roaming the planet again and causing all kinds of trouble – not the brain-eating kind.  I wish I had a more formal writing process, but this is kind of how it goes for me – if something gets me on a roll, I see how far it goes. If I stay motivated about this one, I’ll post some initial thoughts.


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