Matt Jones at Freight & Volume

Matt Jones - Energy Generator (C) Matt Jones

Every once in a while in my somewhat boring life, I step away from my laptop and see something cool in this great big city. On Saturday we ventured down to Chelsea to take in some culture, and saw one show at Freight & Volume that really stood out.  Matt Jones, who went to studied art at Cooper Union, based his show Multiverse on icon imagery from his own pop-culture past… namely Wolverine masks and the Black Flag band logo. As I love Black Flag and just about anything related to the great Henry Rollins, I am totally in love with Mr. Jones’ work. This gallery show is like a giant explosion of stripes, color, magic marker, xeroxes, zines, and cartoons.

I should also mention that I ate some pretty slammin’ banana bread at Park on 10th Ave, this amazing restaurant that has an indoor outside area (you have to see it to believe it, but it’s inside, heated, and birds fly around).


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