The scent of YA

As I’ve been logging hours working on the next installment of The Treadwell Academy series, I’ve been finding myself (as I’m sure all YA writers do) spending a lot of time lost in high school memories of my own. What tends to always surface even before visuals for me are recollections of scents and odors from my high school years. The ones that I remember with the greatest clarity are:

  • Heaven Scent perfume (I wore that religiously sophomore year, and Baby Soft “Rain” during freshman year)
  • The dusty, overwhelming stench of floor wax in the hateful school gym
  • Teen Spirit deodorant
  • Sbarro food court pizza at the mall
  • Rave #4 Hairspray (that was the firmest hold)

As a senior in high school I had discovered “Joy” by Jean Patou and thought I was the most sophisticated person on earth for wearing it.


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