Prince of England, King of My Heart

Just how handsome was Prince William at his wedding? Sure, he’s losing his hair. So what! He seemed genuinely so in love with Kate that I thought it was really, really cute.  Admittedly, I’m much more of a Harry girl (give me a troublemaker with a smirk any day of the week) and the sight of him in his uniform – yowza! But watching Kate and William tie the knot was really reminiscent of me for the morning that my mother woke me up early to watch Diana and Charles wed. I got choked up more than once this morning!

So, I didn’t receive an invitation to the royal wedding, which is just fine with me because it’s finally spring in New York and I am happy to be here this week to enjoy it! Spring means the return of all things preppy, and I will be a lifelong fan of boat shoes. These were the ultimate in summer cool in the 80’s (after pennyloafers, which ruled the school year) – in prep school we used to call them Top-Siders, never loafers, and we would wear them until they stank and the leather shoe laces would break down to untie-able stubs. I am partial to the white ones even though I would live in constant fear of scuffing them if i were to own them.  These pairs from Tods are my dream boat shoes:

But at $425, this other pair from Zappos are much more within my price range, and they’re available in canvas for anyone who feels squeamish about calf skin like me.

Sperry Top-Siders from Zappos – $75!


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