J. Crew – all kinds of right

I’m back in action after a killer month at work involving a lot of revisions to copy promoting a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, more iced coffee than I care to remember, and wanting to murder a lot of tourists in New York. Really. There’s a new pedi-cab trend in New York near Central Park, which on one hand is cute because it’s a step in the right direction toward banning horse-drawn carriages (for those who don’t live in New York, while those carriages are romantic and quaint, the horses stand on pavement for 12 hours a day in all kinds of weather, and their lives are endangered in traffic all day long). But on the other hand, having European teenage boys on every single corner handing out pedi-cab flyers is escalating the sidewalk traffic annoyance to a level of unbearable.

But I digress.

What’s important is that it’s the end of August. And what does that mean? Not hurricane season! But Back-to-School sales and clothing!

J. Crew, with whom I have had a historically complicated fashion relationship, is taking a huge step in the right direction by adding a number of hot items to its fall offering in bright persimmon (one of my fave colors), including a brand new lipstick!  This bright shade of coral really does look good on everyone:

Poppy King for J crew

Best of all, one of my most darling friends who is going back to school just got a retail job at J. Crew in Manhattan, so I have all the more reason to splurge on a few items after Hurricane Irene clears out.

Oh, hello.








So nice to meet you.









Penny Loafers

I think we’re  going to be great friends.


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