Eyeliner for the undead

As much as I am a lover of the fresh-faced look and natural beauty, I am also completely addicted to heavy eye  makeup. It’s not my fault, really. I was born with blond eyelashes and with out black-as-night lengthening and thickening mascara, I look like a zombie.
This being the case, I love eyeliner, too. And now I especially love color eyeliner. My new fave is plum-colored eyeliner by a makeup brand from Milan (ciao!) called KIKO.
Naturally this is now a little difficult to find in the US.

But, this pencil is creamy – the color is amazing and it makes me look like I am not a member of the zombie apocalypse! If you know anyone going to Italy or Spain, have them pick this up for you! And if you already know KIKO and know where one might obtain it in the US, please please please email me!


3 thoughts on “Eyeliner for the undead

  1. Hi Caitlyn,

    I am intrigued by your self-carved niche.
    Enjoyed Rockstar’s Daughter and checked out your page. Cute!

    I am a Californian teaching in Italy for now and have a Kiko shop very close.
    I have walked by it a dozen times, but since you recommended their eyeliner and I have light eyelashes and eyebrows, I checked it out. Wow! They have an eyebrow pen that is amazing for blonde eyebrows! Love their lip gloss too . . . great colors (and great prices).

    If you need a source for that eyeliner, I’d be happy to send you some to a P.O. box during a layover in Atlanta’s Airport mid December . . . : )

    • Hi Joyce, I am so jealous of you both that you live in Italy and near a Kiko shop! I studied Italian for 2 years and even though if comes back when I’m having a casual conversation, for the most part I forget how to conjugate verbs when months pass without any reason for me to use the language. If you really pass through Atlanta in December, I would flip out to get a new purple eyeliner. I can send you $$ through whichever method is convenient for you – are you on Paypal? I have searched the US high and low for Kiko and it is simply impossible to find here! Happy Thanksgiving! Caitlyn

      • Hello again!

        I will definitely be passing thru on my way to California.
        My PayPal is messed up with their security issues and my new international location. I would be glad to buy you an eye pencil or two as a complementary thank you for your free download.
        No problem.

        Does your blog give you access to my email address?

        If so, email me to let me know what color *exactly* you want and provide your PO box. I will take care of it from there.

        If you want lots of stuff, which I would be fine with, I will want to continue on a non-public format and I will try to sort out my PayPal issues for that.

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