The Rock Star’s Daughter – now available on Smashwords!

Hi guys! As you may (or may not) know, the first novel in my series The Treadwell Academy is now available for FREE at Smashwords! You can download it in any format that works best for you – for your Nook, Kindle, Kobo or even just an easy-to-print PDF. This is super exciting for me because I’m sure you can imagine, the more people who read Book 1, the more people will likely read Books 2 and 3, which I spend every single second of my free time writing these days!  So far Taylor Beauforte, the main character of The Rock Star’s Daughter, is my favorite literary character I’ve ever yet written. I drew upon not only a lot of boarding school memories of my own writing this first book in the series, but also on the strangeness of being a boarding school kid home for the summer, and how weird it can be to feel “not at home” when at home. As my own parents have both remarried, and it was a challenge in both cases getting to know not only their new spouses but also the kids that came into the family with those second (and third) marriages, I really set out to write a book that addressed how hard it is to deal with a new parent in your life in telling Taylor’s story. I think a lot of teenage girls can relate to that element in the story, and about what it’s like to realize as you get older that parents are only human and capable of making dumb mistakes.

OK now I’m getting sentimental about my own book (which I have to confess… personally, I love). I really hope you’ll download it, post a review, email me and tell me if you liked it or didn’t, and drop Lovestruck Literary a note on their website or on Facebook.


10 thoughts on “The Rock Star’s Daughter – now available on Smashwords!

  1. Thanks for your writing talents! Enjoyed The Rock Star’s Daughter, and it’s one of the first books in several years that held my interest enough to not put it down until I was done. i could relate to several of the locations in the book (Southern California, Huntsville, Alabama, etc. and could picture Taylor there quite easily. Out of everything negative in her life, it seems that something good came out it. Keep ’em coming…Susan Brown-Barbour

  2. Didnt have the highest hopes regarding your book initially, simply because it was free. But I stand corrected! I LOVED your book, read it in 3 days! And cant wait for the others to come out!

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you so much for your comments! I’m glad you enjoyed The Rock Star’s Daughter. Be sure to check out the first chapter of the new book on Facebook! The whole book will be on iTunes, Amazon & BN as early as next week 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,
      the next 2 books in the series are about other students at Treadwell, but one of them hints at what happens next with Taylor and Todd, I promise! I think given the response I’m getting to the first book, I’m going to have to seriously consider continuing Taylor’s story in the near future. Thanks for your note!

      • Oh thanks, for your reply, and i can’t wait for the next books, i love the first one and i hope to read more 😀

  3. I downloaded and read your book from iTunes. I read the book in just one night because it was so captivating, I even cried at the end. I can’t wait for the next few books in the series, and I will definitely recommend your books to everyone. Great job!

  4. I an a 42 year old woman with a new iPhone and I downloaded iBooks and your book was the first I downloaded (as it was free) but it is the first book I have read in over 10 years and I loved it. It took me just over a day – I just didn’t want to put it down. I just wanted to say thanks.

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