All Saints does steampunk

I know what I’m adding to my Christmas list now that I’ve seen a glimpse of the new steampunk-inspired jewelry at All Saints, Spitalfields. This super funky chain store became one of my faves a few years ago on a holiday trip to Berlin and now that they have locations state-side, I’ve placed more orders with them than I care to admit. It’s a tricky thing, shopping at All Saints, because while all of the knitwear is really bad ass, much of it is asymmetrical, and I have the kind of body that looks stumpy and misshapen in asymmetrical clothing. I mean, it’s not obvious to people around me that the clothing is intended as asymmetrical. It just looks like I have extremely bad posture and excess body fat in the wrong places when I wear avant-garde sweaters (both of which may actually be the case, but I don’t really need to be wearing clothes to accentuate those things).
Steampunk is a little too punk most of the time for my taste (I mean, I like idea of looking all futurist and tough, but in reality I work in an office with a lot of people who wear cashmere and I sit in a cubicle, and it’s hard to feel punk rock when you’re in a cubicle and the person who sits next to you listens to INXS all day). But these new pieces are totally steampunk-lite: not too crazy for workplace settings. Me like!



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