All things Taylor Beauforte

I get it! I get it! You guys want more Taylor Beauforte!

And I am truly happy to give you more. Here are some places and bits of trivia related to Taylor’s life that are based 100% in truth!

Boardner’s bar:  when Taylor’s mom Dawn passes away, this is the seedy bar in Hollywood where all of her B and C-list friends go for a drink after the wake. Boardner’s is real, and I once worked in an office directly across the street. It’s the kind of gritty Hollywood bar that’s both charming and disgusting. On any given night you might encounter any kind of rock ‘n roll fading star.

The Grove: The Grove is Taylor’s favorite place to go shopping and see movies with Allison before joining her dad on the road. It’s a pretty awesome outdoor mall, especially at Christmas time. It’s featured on TMZ often because the Kardashians shop there (Kourtney is my favorite)!

Robek’s:  This is the juice bar where Taylor and Allison had part-time jobs (and then Nicole took over Taylor’s hours). I had the location in West LA on National Blvd. in mind when I was writing the book.

Lucky Strike: This is the swanky bowling alley at Hollywood & Highland where Todd Burch had a summer job. There was once a time when someone I know (ahem, ME) tried to get a job there. And failed.

Six Flags Great America: There’s a real amusement park in Gurnee, IL not too far north of Chicago, which is the setting for where Taylor loses her lunch after one too many spinning rides.

Coach Kristin Leather Hobo: This is the Coach bag that Taylor demands when she’s feeling snobby in Chicago. It doesn’t have a big buckle on it, but this bag has been on my radar for quite some time, so I thought Taylor should have it.

The Virginia Beach boardwalk: The scene where Taylor has to drive Betsey and Bijoux Norfleet home from a rowdy day of underage drinking happens here, at a real-life boardwalk that really does put on an elaborate fireworks display on the Fourth of July each year.


3 thoughts on “All things Taylor Beauforte

  1. I’m 48 yrs old and just spent all night reading The Rock Star’s Daughter. Thanks for reminding me so well what it’s like to be 15. Great read! 🙂

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