Nice to meet ya, 2012

I took this gorgeous picture of Brooklyn this morning at dawn, when my beloved and extremely annoying chihuahua Max decided it was time to start the day with a brisk walk around the neighborhood. When Max is inspired to get an early start on the day, The Man is fond of reminding me that Max is my dog (when Max wants to snuggle at TV time, he’s our dog). My dog very much enjoys kicking off a new year with a lot of dog socializing outside Starbucks. Today we met Bonnie, a sweet brindle pit bull mix, and her French owner.

Anyway, my reward for putting on my kicks and leashing up the little dude was this gorgeous sunrise. People probably don’t associate Brooklyn with beauty, but it can be a picturesque place to live.

And of course, I was beaming like a huge nerd in line at Starbucks because I’d just read a few more of your reviews of The Rock Star’s Daughter on iBooks. You guys are the best. 2012 is going to be so awesome.


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