What I’m reading in 2012

Those of you readers who are super-into your YA know that Tuesdays are the big release days in the publishing industry for new books! While I don’t have as much time as I’d like for fun reading because I’m working on edits for the next Treadwell Academy books with the team at Lovestruck, I try to be smart about when I can cram in a few pages and I have the iBook app on my iPhone and iPad for easy reading on the subway. It drives me nuts when a week goes by and I haven’t made time to read anything new.

Tomorrow, Don’t Breathe A Word by Holly Cupala is being released by Harper Teen! I’m a sucker for charity donations, big-time, and 10% of pre-orders of this title are being donated to Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls.  Holly’s first book, Tell Me A Secret, was downright awesome, so I have very high hopes for the new book. It’s set in Seattle, one of my favorite cities in the world (of course, it’s where Starbucks headquarters are located).

So if you see me glued to my iPad on the F train this week, now you know what I’ll be reading in addition to all of your kind reviews of The Rock Star’s Daughter on iTunes that are keeping me smiling and smiling and smiling.


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