Winter shopping!

Anyone who read my blog prior to the Taylor sensation is aware that it used to primarily be about shopping. I do most of my shopping, or more accurately, my window shopping, when I’m outside walking Maxim. This is fortunate for my checking account, because having a chihuahua with digestive issues (he’s 14!) definitely keeps me from venturing indoors to spend money.

Diane T on Court Street is a hike from my apartment, but sometimes when Maxim is up for the walk, this magnificent window is our destination. While it is my ultimate fantasy to work from home, I still have to get up every morning and put on respectable clothing and head into the city to my office. And that requires me to actually own respectable clothing.

So it’s that time of year when the post-Christmas sales are on, and my every waking non-writing thought is devoted to what kind of cool clothing I could be wasting money on. I have banned myself from late night ventures on and am thankful every day of my life that Club Monaco does not have an online store (I am aware that ShopBop sells their stuff but that is on my danger list of websites).  This brown color-flecked Mad Men-style dress in the front window at Diane T this weekend may be my financial ruin. I think I have to have it.

Also, I have a sinking feeling that it is going to snow in the very near future. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. At boarding school, snow days were extreme rarities, like solar eclipses, because we were already at school; it wasn’t like several feet of snow could prevent us from walking forty feet across a lawn to the buildings where our classes were held. The snow had to be significant enough that teachers would refuse to drive in it for us to be awarded with a day off.

Now that I’m an adult I can look forward to days when massive snow falls close down entire streets in Brooklyn and disrupt subway service (ie, no work). However, chihuahuas are hot-climate dogs and Maxim is 100% not down with snow and ice. I’m still not sure how I have made it through this many winters with this dog without one of us having a heart attack from the stress involved with going o-u-t. He likes to linger in the doorway of our building and whine when it’s time to go out, not even wanting one of his dainty paws to be cold for a second. And this is a dog who has winter booties and a wool coat. Human babies in Scandinavia are not as well-dressed for the cold as this dog. So in preparation for the very annoying fights I’m going to have with my dog in the near future, I think the more practical investment for me right now is this kickin’ sky blue pair of classic  Tecnica Moon Boots from Zappos.

That’s it! Back to editing for me… Have a great week, guys!


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