Mine too! Top 10 Writers I Wish Would Write Another Book

Everyone on Twitter’s doing it, so why can’t I?

1) Moon Unit Zappa

I read America The Beautiful, the semi-autobiographical story by Frank Zappa’s wild & crazy hippy daughter, ten years ago and laughed my butt off at her exploits trying to find love in LA. Moon has such an inspired voice! I wish she’d write again. This isn’t exactly YA material but it all rings true once you’re in your twenties.





2) Libba Bray

I know Libba Bray writes basically non-stop but it’s not fast enough!

3) Alden Bell / Joshua Gaylord

The ladies at Lovestruck Literary demanded that I read The Reapers Are the Angels last year by Alden Bell and it knocked my socks off.  Alden Bell sucks you into a post-zombie apocalypse world that is completely real and unforgettable and his female heroine is magnificent. Write! Write!

4) Jesse Karp

Those That Wake is a pretty ingenius sci-fi YA book told through the eyes of multiple main characters. Luckily Jesse has a short story being released in Feb 2012 in an anthology called Brave New Love.

5) Liz Gallagher

I loved, loved, both The Opposite of Invisible and My Not-So-Still-Life and I can’t wait to read more about Gallagher’s gang of teens in Seattle.






6) Jenny Han

Is there anything Jenny Han can’t do?  I’ve been hooked since The Summer I Turned Pretty. For anyone who’s ever said, “YA books don’t seem authentic to me,” I dare you to read Jenny’s work and not feel emotionally attached!

7) Jami Attenberg

Jami Attenberg is a wry, savvy New Yorker. She’s the kind of writer you can imagine really wanting to hang out with late at night talking crap about boys.  Instant Love was an awesome read and I haven’t had a chance to read her latest, The Melting Season yet but I’m saving it up, like the last unwrapped present on Christmas morning.

8) E.L. Konigsburg

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is one of the books that inspired me to start writing. Nothing, nothing, was a greater fantasy for me as a kid than running away to a museum with a suitcase, sleeping in a display at night and raiding the fountain for spare change with which to buy pudding at the cafeteria. Genius.  I wish Ms. Konigsburg would find it in her heart to spin her magic just one more time for another book.

9) Lois Lowry

My all-time favorite. I got to meet Ms. Lowry way back in the day when I still went to public school in Massachusetts (fifth grade)!  But wait, you’re saying! Lois Lowry writes the Anastasia books, which are for little kids, and I’m not a little kid! You are wrong, friends. Lois Lowry also writes books for older kids and adults that will rock you to your core. A Summer to Die, about a girl whose older sister is diagnosed with leukemia (based loosely on Lowry’s own childhood) and Autumn Street, about childhood memories during World War II will make even the most punk rock hipster cry, cry, cry.

10) J.K. Rowling

Duhhhh my life as a reader is pretty much on pause until Ms. Rowling pens her next book.


3 thoughts on “Mine too! Top 10 Writers I Wish Would Write Another Book

  1. Hi CD-
    Thanks for your suggestions. I am new to ereading. Your book RSD, was super enjoyable. I will recommend for my niece (Grace). look 4wd to new story aboot Grace. I am studying digital publishing while working in the biz. All the best to you in twenny twelve!

    • Drew, thank you so much for your kind words! To be honest, I knew pretty much nothing about digital publishing prior to talking to people at Lovestruck about new channels of distribution for stories. Of course as a first-time novelist I was a little freaked out about making my story available to the world for free, and I’m preparing a blog post on that, but it’s been INCREDIBLE having so many people read it and respond to it in the last few weeks. I can’t begin to explain what it means to me as a writer to get so much heartfelt feedback on a story that I put so much love into over the course of so many months!

      • Well Caitlyn, It must’ve been a tricky decision to post your work for free, but I think that that will pay you handsomely in the future. I feel like many girls would be able to identify with Taylor and her experiences.

        As an artist, I am so happy that you can bask in the warmth and generosity of many well wishers. It is a really unusual period of time for the writer, publisher, and reader right now. I feel very enthusiastic about the process. I would love to write too, people like you are an inspiration. I just may do so.

        I started on your top 10, moon unit book is great. Her dad was a brilliant guy. I remember watching him one night late circa 1986. He was debating the merits of artists free expression with Tipper Gore- who was pushing for censorship in response to explicit lyrics. Zappa referenced many great pieces in musical history dating back to baroque and renaissance periods!! It was classic…

        At any rate, you have unusual and interesting taste, and its easy to see why your style is quite appealing.

        Bestest, Drew

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