Snow day!

It’s snowing, snowing, and snowing even more in Brooklyn today. I had some Big Plans to go see the Maurizio Cattelan exhibit at the Guggenheim today before it closes but now that it’s been snowing since long before Max demanded to be taken outside, the only way I’m braving the subway is if someone holds a gun to my head 🙂

A lazy day of reading The Fault in Our Stars is in store for me! But that’s only after I catch up on my Wattpadding. I have to confess, now that The Rock Star’s Daughter is catching on, I am finding Wattpad somewhat addicting. Many of the stories that I’ve read there in the past week have been amazing! It’s so convenient and rewarding for new writers to have a place to workshop their progress and receive support, plus feedback.

Some recent faves: by ImperfectlyMe by Maree Anderson

Why brave the snow when there are so many good stories on my iPhone and Nook?


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