Look what I’ve got! Taylor’s story, in paperback!

   At long last, yesterday when I got home there was a very special package waiting for me from Lovestruck Literary – the very first proof of The Rock Star’s Daughter, in paperback!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nook and my iPad both, but there’s something about actually holding the book in your hand that’s really exciting!

Now that the proof is being reviewed, I’m giving you guys a sneak preview of something cool we are doing next week. Because Wattpad always features such cool cover-offs, and we know all of my Wattpad readers LOVE cover-offs, we’re going to be inviting YOU GUYS – yes you – the chance to vote on Facebook for which cover we should release on the Taylor book. This one that you see over here << will be one option. The second option is a surprise!

And yes, that is my woefully pathetic manicure and my messy apartment in this picture. Pity me! I need a manicurist and a maid! Just kidding, but I really could use someone to convince my dog to go outside on cold mornings. If you have dog-charming abilities and are not afraid of chihuahua drool, please email me.


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