Vote for the cover of the paperback!

If you’ve read, “The Rock Star’s Daughter,” then you’re qualified to share your opinion on how the cover should look in the print version! Visit the series’ Facebook page to let my publisher know which you prefer. I’d be forever grateful, because I, personally, am torn!


5 thoughts on “Vote for the cover of the paperback!

  1. Hello! I personally like the first cover – plain and simple but very effective and refined 🙂

    Please please think about writing The Rock Stars Daughter #2!! I want to find out more about ‘Taylor and Todd’ I hate it when books end and you dont know what happens !!! X

  2. All I can say is that was the best book I’ve ever read!! I’m not just saying that either, yesterday I read The Rock Stars Daughter for 2 hours! I really have ever done that before!! Thanks for making such a fantastic book!

  3. im in love with your book. I couldnt stop reading it. i honestly hate reading and your book made me want to read more! thanks so much and i hope to see another!

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