The cover of Book 2 – in progress!

Today’s a super-exciting day for me because I’ve been working with the art director designing the cover for Book 2 (The Believer’s Daughter) and this week our photographer is shooting the cover shot! We’re working with a photographer named Marie Killen, whose work I LOVE, and I am so happy that we found her. It’s been really creative and inspiring to be a part of designing the cover after spending so much time developing the characters in Book 2.

Elements I really wanted to somehow infuse into the cover for Book 2:

1.) Gritty, New York City Chinatown

2) Tiny Grace with her punk rock hair

3) Possibly some graffiti, tattoo-inspired design

I cannot wait for you guys to get to see the comps!


2 thoughts on “The cover of Book 2 – in progress!

  1. well i loved the rock stars daughter but i think you should have made a better ending, or should have made a sequel to this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Never fear! A sequel is in the works! It will address whatever became of Allison, Tayolr & Todd’s future together… and JAKE! Don’t count him out yet. I’m also working on a book all about Betsey (suggested by someone commenting on this blog) and Taylor will play a huge role in that story, too 🙂

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