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Greetings, Treadwell readers!


I had been planning on being in Italy this whole week to do exciting publishing stuff, and then some personal life stuff came up, and now I’m back in Brooklyn without my passport having been stamped! But, that’s sometimes how it goes. On the upside, since iTunes is taking their darn sweet time adding Book #2 to their catalog, you can find it for a limited time (not sure how long) on Wattpad!  If you haven’t joined Wattpad yet, you really should – it’s an awesome online community for writers & readers to share work and interact. You can download their app for your iPhone or iPad and read just like you would, using iBook. ENJOY!

In Taylor news, I am hard at work on the Taylor & Todd sequel and I’m simultaneously writing a story about Betsey Norfleet (heavily featuring Taylor).

Here are some songs related to Book #1 that if you’ve read the book, you’ll recognize!

Challenge by Japanther (off of Skuffed Up My Huffy). The night Taylor’s mom passes away, Taylor’s wearing her Japanther t-shirt.

The Perfect Kiss by New Order (off of The Singles). Taylor has a New Order poster in her bedroom in Los Angeles.

Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy (off From Under a Cork Tree). Sigma isn’t based on a real band, but if it were, they’d be totally cute young guys and Brice would kind of look like Pete Wentz. And of course, Allison would l-o-v-e- Fall Out Boy.

Always by Bon Jovi (off of Cross Road). The Chase character isn’t really based on Jon Bon Jovi, but rather, a whole bunch of rock stars. However, I like to imagine Chase as being as good-looking as JBJ. I personally have attended many Jovi shows (can you say, superfan?) and the crowd always goes nuts when Jon invites fans on stage to slow dance. Especially in New Jersey.

A Long December by Counting Crows (off of Recovering the Satellites). “One more day up in the canyon, one more night in Hollywood.” No song makes me more homesick for Los Angeles than this one. It captures the beauty and the loneliness of that city so perfectly.

Where is My Love by Cat Power (off of The Greatest). Man, whenever I am really feeling nostalgic and missing someone in my life who has passed away, this song gets the water works going.

Weekends!! by Skrillex (featuring Sirah). Wow, I love Skrillex. Jake spins dubstep at big nightclubs and is trying to build a name for himself as a DJ, just like this dude.

And of course, Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Spring. Even if you don’t play violin, you’ll recognize this classic. It’s the piece that Taylor struggled to learn all summer, and finally mastered in her concert back at Treadwell.


13 thoughts on “The Taylor Playlist

  1. Never wrote on this before. I thought rock stars daughter was a good read, I fell in line with the story kept me on board. Thanks for the opportunity to be entertained.

  2. I totally loved The Rockstar’s Daughter, i finished it last night, i only slept 4 hours today but it’s totally whorth it! I almost cried when Taylor and her dad where in the hill, it was like so sad to see how much she missed her mom, and i walways knew that Jake would be a jerki in the end! But it really seemed like he loved her…! The “surprise” defenitively dissapointed me! I knew they´ll end up at his house but i tought he would take here someplace special or meanfull to him…not a nightclub! Instead Todd gave her the gift, super cute ^-^

    I have to say, if Sigma was a real band i don´t think the´ll be like FOB, cuz they´re cute AND nice guys, Brice was just a alcoholic jackass, Peter is kinda crazy but really good so…hahaha, maybe he could be Patrick 🙂 No way,hahaha. I´m counting the days for the next book! 😉

    • 🙂 I actually love Fall Out Boy and I think Pete is adorable. Brice is just kind of an ass, a kid who has been handed too much good fortune to know how handle it! I think to Jake, the nightclub *was* someplace special, but teenage boys more often than not aren’t really able to see past the tips of their own noses and really get their heads around girls’ needs. Todd’s the example of the rare, slightly more mature guy who has known Taylor long enough to be comfortable showing her how much he cares. But never fear… they’ll both be back to battle for her heart in the sequel out this fall!

    • Also I just tried to email you back about The Believer’s Daughter but your email address just bounced my message back. The next book in the series will definitely be free for the first week or two that it’s on iTunes. As a giant THANK YOU for all the people who downloaded the first book! 🙂

      • How weird about the email…i´ll have to cheeck that out… and THANK YOU! about the book, i´ll be like cheecking the iStore every single day till the book comes out, haha xD

  3. i just finished this book and totally loved it!! more interesting than MANY books i’ve read in..well almost ever!! 🙂 keep it up! can’t wait for the next. but i have a question, could we ever see jake again in the next novel? i was so heartbroken when they broke up but i know taylor is better with todd. :d

  4. The Rock Stars Daughter, which i finished yesterday, is one of my favourite books along with Cathy Cassidys book! When will the next book about Taylor be out?!

    • Thank you! And I admire Cathy Cassidy enormously, too, so I’m especially flattered! The second book in the series (about a girl named Grace) is already out – it’s called The Believer’s Daughter. Books about Betsey Norfleet and Emma Jeffries are due out this summer (the Betsey book features Taylor prominently) and the Taylor sequel is due out in September.

    • Hi Jenn, I’m working on the sequel! But there’s a lot of Taylor in Book #3, when Betsey Norfleet from The Rock Star’s Daughter ends up at Treadwell and tries to befriend Taylor.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for Taylor’s character. Finally a young woman who chooses to not give in to peer pressure that is realistic! It is so hard to explain that you can be at a place and not be like the place. Taylor is exposed to so much garbage and she makes mistakes but in yhe end she sets and keeps her standard! Awesome!

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