Dear Canada and UK Readers, I love you guys

So, it’s a holiday in many parts of the world today (not my part, specifically, my office). My publisher just informed me that The Believer’s Daughter has already cracked the top 100 lists for children & teens in Canada and the UK on iTunes. Do you guys have any idea how happy this makes me??? Not that selling books is a competition, because I’m well aware that there are some awesome new releases on the market (in other words, as a writer, I’m in good company)! But when a title makes its way onto the top 100 lists, that just means more people will see it when they log in to iTunes – which is huge for a new writer like myself! I can’t thank you guys enough for your support and I really encourage you to contact me and let me know your thoughts on this book. Did you like it? Do you have ideas for future stories about the girls of Treadwell? Are you still eager for a sequel to the Taylor book? The next two entries in the series are much more glamorous than Book 2… so if you’re missing the element of fame & fortune, don’t worry… Emma Jeffries is filthy rich and likes to brag. And if you like Gigi and are eager to see what happens between her and Felix, their story continues in Books #3 and #4.

And don’t forget, you can get a sneak peek at Book # 4 about Betsey Norfleet (from the Virginia Beach part of The Rock Star’s Daughter) by visiting my Facebook page!


2 thoughts on “Dear Canada and UK Readers, I love you guys

  1. OMG Caitlyn!
    I love the rock stars daughter! It was amazing! Thanks for writing it. I was just wondering where u got the inspiration from?
    Thanks, katrina

    • Hi Katrina! Thanks for your note. I was inspired to write The Rock Star’s Daughter by a lot of things: the death of a close friend, Los Angeles in general (the sunsets, the glamour, the people), and by the girls who I met in boarding school, some of whom had famous and rich parents. As soon as I began writing, I really fell in love with the characters of Taylor and Chase and could picture them really clearly in my head. They ultimately became my inspiration to finish it!

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