Shopping dreams…

It’s over 80 degrees in New York City today and you know what that means: I’m out shopping.

Upon seeing this smoking hot pink dress with black tongues of flames (!) around the edge of the skirt, my first thought was that perhaps I might be able to set up a Kickstarter to one day be able to afford it. This is right now in the front window at Bergdorf Goodman, not too far from my office.

Totally unrelated to the fancy Prada dress, these studded canvas hightops are in the window at LF not far from my apartment, taunting me on my daily (sometimes hourly) walks past with my dog.  I have suffered too many post-splurge moments of apocalyptic regret because of LF to even consider going in there, but it’s nice to think about how cool it would be to own these shoes.


Check out this cooler-than-all-that pug getting his chill on outside the bagel store in the shade.


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