Beach day!

Yesterday, I took advantage of this incredibly beautiful weather we’re having in New York and took the train to East Hampton to go shopping and hang out on the beach before the summer crowds swarm up there. My very ambitious plan (3 hours on the train in each direction) was somewhat thwarted by the complication of the beach really not quite being open yet for “business” — beaches officially open in Long Island after Memorial Day, who knew? While we were able to hang out on the sand, bathrooms weren’t open, so we focused a little more energy on shopping. Which, ya know, broke my heart (as if)!

So we began our big Hamptons adventure with a stroll through the local nursery & garden store. I had to fight the urge to buy a big potted plant because that would not have been so practical to carry with us on our mile-long walk to the beach, or on the train back to Brooklyn.

I really, really wanted these

Gorgeous African violets outside at Wittendale’s nursery

Then, we had a knock-your-socks-off breakfast at Babette’s, one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. Seriously, the bbq tofu at this restaurant make the train ride and cost of the train ride to the Hamptons worthwhile.

Then, cruising down Main Street toward the shore, check out some of these shopping finds:

I didn’t even go inside to check the price on this striped dress, because I knew I’d be in trouble if I went that far.


Pink tie-dyed Supergas from Italy? I love!

Other shopping gems in East Hampton include an Elie Tahari store that is so beautiful on the inside that I would sort of like to turn it into my dream house, a Calypso St. Barth (who used to make a violet perfume that was my favorite, favorite scent ever), Obligato – a super funky boutique, and a Ralph Lauren flagship store that is so overwhelmingly designed and immersive that I fear if I ever enter it, I may never leave.

A short walk past a ton of immaculately landscaped estates later, we were finally at the beach!

…And, then we realized the bathrooms were still locked up for winter. Shucks!! So, we returned to Starbucks after a little nap on the sand. Did you know that you can get a crazy sunburn even when the sun is setting, even when it’s kind of cold out? I’m the living proof.

Now, back to the daily grind!


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