Funky graffiti on a rainy day

When I was writing The Believer’s Daughter, I really wanted Felix to be a new-fangled, cool kind of artist. I wanted him to push the boundaries as an artist, but writing him as a traditional painter seemed a little too trite for a kid from the Coney Island area. So his character became a guy who channeled his artistic impulses through tattooing and graffiti.

I think graffiti has kind of a bad reputation in the art world, kind of like the misbehaving stepbrother who can’t get his act together, when really… some graffiti artists have achieved enormous success (like Banksy) and others are incredibly skilled illustrators.

Check out Klub 7, a group of designers from Berlin. Their exhibition is currently showing at the Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn. Chances are good that even if you’ve never heard of them, you’ve seen their work.

I kind of wish they’d come beautify my neighborhood! And if you haven’t read The Believer’s Daughter yet, you might want to, because Book 4 will make more sense if you’ve read it (Betsey Norfleet moves into the dorm room at Colgate Hall that Grace Mathison leave behind when she runs away from school). It’s only $1.99! What are you waiting for? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Funky graffiti on a rainy day

  1. excited to read all of your The Treadwell Academy Novels 🙂 Just scored a copy of the rockstars daughter on amazon and i was really hooked to it. thanks 🙂

  2. just finished reading your novel the rockstar’s daughter and now i am so hooked to your book series. i am hunting down the whole series on amazon hoping to score a free copy on kindle. thank you so much for the stories i am really enjoying them. cant wait to read all 🙂

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