The girls of the Treadwell Academy – a guide

Hi everyone! I found out this morning that impossibly enough, The Rock Star’s Daughter is back on the top 10 free downloads for kids list on iTunes. Amazing! Every time I think everyone in the world with an iPad has already read the book, it pops up on the list again.

To help everyone who might be new to the series on this fantastic holiday weekend, here’s a little Who’s Who guide to the students at Treadwell.

Taylor Beauforte: The series starts in between Taylor’s sophomore and junior years at Treadwell, with the untimely death of her mom. Taylor grew up in West Hollywood and her dad is the lead singer of a world famous rock band, Pound. Taylor has a terrible crush on her best friend’s older brother, Todd, who attends college as a freshman in Connecticut. Taylor is sensitive and caring but also very defensive from having grown up pretty much raising herself.

Betsey Norfleet: You may remember the infamous Norfleet sisters from The Rock Star’s Daughter when they met Taylor in Virginia Beach. Book #3 is all about Betsey trying to escape from her sister Bijoux’s shadow (due out in June 2012). Betsey and Bijoux are technically royalty, having earned their honorary titles through their mother’s marriage to a viscount from Croatia. Betsey is a little bit of a troublemaker and an attention seeker, but she has a terrible secret to hide. She formulates a plan to get kicked out of her expensive private school in Manhattan and sent instead to the Treadwell Academy. Betsey is a year younger than Taylor, and is starting her sophomore year as Taylor is starting her junior year.

Grace Mathison: Book #2 is all about Grace, who starts out as a shy, spoiled daughter of a famous televangelist and finds her own strength when she runs away from school with her brother to New York City.  Grace unexpectedly finds success as an artist, and lands a super cute boyfriend who works in a tattoo parlor. Having rebuilt her life from scratch on her own, she has to decide whether or not to return to Treadwell to finish high school when a scandal created by her parents makes her future uncertain. Grace is also a year younger than Taylor, in Betsey’s sophomore class.

Emma Jeffries: Emma is a junior like Taylor, and is the much-despised cover model of the Hunter Lodge catalog. Hunter Lodge is an Abercrombie & Fitch-like retail chain owned by Emma’s dad. Emma’s the only girl in a huge family of stepbrothers and half-brothers. She loves her status as a modeling star on the rise, but totally freaks out when her dad decides that modeling is a terrible business for a young girl and essentially fires her.  Striking out on her own in the vicious world of high fashion modeling, Emma becomes dangerously obsessed with losing weight and learns the hard way that the more she tries to be what people want her to be, the less she likes herself. Book #4 is all about Emma and will be available in July 2012.

Juliette Santangello: Juliette is Grace’s roommate from Long Island. Juliette’s dad is a big-time investment banker on Wall Street who faces life imprisonment when his elaborate Ponzi scheme is revealed. Losing all of their assets, Juliette, her sister, and her mom have to move in with relatives, and Juliette watches her life collapse around her as her mom essentially has a nervous breakdown.

Nicola Rotherham: Nicola is a sophomore from London and is the daughter of a huge media tycoon who also happens to own a Premier League football team. Nicola befriends Betsey, as the two share a taste for mischief.

Renée Ricard: Renée, also a sophomore, is the daughter of the Editor-in-Chief of Jolie! fashion magazine. She grew up in Paris surrounded by designers and fashion writers.

Stacy Davidson: Stacy is the sharp-tongued, filthy-rich daughter of a Silicon Valley technologist. Stacy is best friends with Renée Ricard and Ameerah Thompson. As Chloe Goodwin instructs Betsey Norfleet, Stacy should be avoided at all costs.

Chloe Goodwin: Chloe is the daughter of Paula Goodwin, a crafting and cooking mogul with a cable show, magazine and her own line of cooking and gardening tools. Chloe couldn’t be more different than her mom; she loves goth rock and has disdain for crafting in general. She is super smart and takes Betsey under her wing when Betsey first arrives at Treadwell. Chloe is often the target of teasing at Treadwell for being overweight.

Ameerah Thompson: Ameerah is the daughter of Isaiah Thompson, the owner of Black Diamond Records, the label that produces all the biggest rap stars. Despite everyone thinking that Ameerah’s life must be star-studded and luxurious, in actuality her father shelters her and refuses to let her grow up.

There are more, many more… and if you’re curious about anyone else mentioned in the books so far (Riddhi? Ruth? Alyssa?), post a comment!


16 thoughts on “The girls of the Treadwell Academy – a guide

  1. I have read all 3 of the books, and am anxiously awaiting the next Treadwell Academy installment. 47 yo, but still a kid at heart..

  2. These books are great!!! I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next one to come out…

    I also found it really funny and awesome that Grace has the same last name as I do. It’s really awesome!!

  3. I just finished all three of the books and I was wondering when the fourth book was coming out. Or, it says that it came out in July of 2012. If it did what is the book called?

    • Hi! Book 4 isn’t out yet primarily because I’m slow and don’t get to spend quite as much time writing as I’d like. It’ll be titled The Tycoon’s Daughter, and it should be out within the next 2 – 3 months if The Rock Star’s Daughter: Junior Year isn’t out first.

  4. i just finished the rockstars daughter. ima a 14 year old girl and their was so much in this book i could connect with. i read the book in one day 🙂 its a GREAT book and i will be reading others by you. thanks!

  5. I just finished ‘Rockstar,’ too. What a wonderful read! You write so well, plus and the story really hooked me. Much luck with the series. I can’t wait read your next installment, and I’m a 45 year-old mom! GREAT job!

    • Thanks for your note! I love getting messages from people who aren’t teens anymore. I really try to address topics that modern teens are dealing with in their lives with honesty (without being condescending or gratuitous), so it makes me feel great when parents enjoy my writing, too!

  6. Hi I just finished the rock stars daughter, and originally when I first read the title of the book I was a little put off. But I thought you know what why not? And I have to say I couldn’t put it down, I really enjoyed it! Good writing, relatable and interesting characters! Very good book ❤

  7. I just finished “The Rock Stars Daughter” and thought it was a great read. I will be checking out other books you have written. Thank you so much for the enjoyment!

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