Wattpad party in NYC!

This Saturday I enjoyed the HUGE pleasure of getting to meet a bunch of my fellow Wattpad readers & writers at the Wattpad Meetup in NYC!

I don’t often blog about Wattpad, but if you love to read or are an aspiring writer, it’s simply the coolest site out there. First of all, the membership is global and enormous, so your work can be read by so many various people around the world. Secondly, it’s such a positive and supportive environment that I’m online all the time. Whenever I’m taking a break from my own writing, I really enjoy reading work posted there and providing comments and constructive criticism.  Wattpad has had Meetups before in London and Manila, and I’ve been holding my breath for them to bring the fun to their avid NYC members. They finally did, in a super hip loft space in Tribeca, which could only be accessed by a secret elevator… a true NYC experience.

Eva gave out Wattpad tote bags to tons of people for being such loyal members of the site

Frosting/cookie wagon wheel sandwiches. Doom!

Cupcakes from Crumbs

So, after spending nearly all of my free time for the last 9 or so months on the site, it was a joy to get to meet some of my online buddies from the tri-state in person.  And, it was a thrill to meet Brittany Geragotelis, whose book, “Life’s a Witch,” was the first I read on Wattpad when I joined. She inked an amazing deal with Simon & Schuster in February and I’m really excited to see what a major publisher does with the series, which is a very cool spin on a modern look at the Salem Witch Trials. If you haven’t read it, keep your eyes peeled for the series prequel on Amazon this fall (What the Spell)!

If you’ve never checked out Wattpad but you love to read, I highly recommend. You’re likely to find me there at odd hours, @caitlyn_duffy.

Special Saturday shouts out to Shannon H, Tahra J, Jade J, Javana, Chrisy & Danielle… see you soon online and don’t forget to message me when you post your stories after school lets out!


One thought on “Wattpad party in NYC!

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