Inspiration comes in strange forms

Look what was parked right in front of my building this morning when I walked Max:

A sign from above?

Yes, a gold Saturn.

No open bags of Doritos or 2-liters of Pepsi in the back seat, though. I checked.

So as you may have guessed, I’m working on the sequel to the Taylor book and finding this car waiting for me on the street today was like a friendly little gesture of encouragement from the universe. Sometimes, when I have writer’s block or am a little overwhelmed by other responsibilities in life that distract me from writing, it’s nice to get a little kick in the buttocks from an unexpected inspiration.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration comes in strange forms

  1. Read the rockstars daughter and immediately had to read your next book!! Cant wait to read the third one. Great books!!

  2. When I’m writing, I always have to take a break and clear my head before I dive back into whatever I’m working on. A fresh set of new ideas always pop in my headmwhen I least expect it rather than forcing them to appear.
    Also, I loved the book! I wish you all the best in your writing career!

  3. Oh my god . This book was absolutely amazing . I fell in love . I read this book in 1 && 1/2 day . It made me not want to put it down . It broke my heart about the Jake and Taylor thing though . </3

      • Just finished the book today like two hours ago actually it took 3 days because I couldn’t stay up all night (totally wouldn’t made me super tired for work the next morning lol) anyways, I totally loved it! I was sad though for Taylor with the Jake thing and cant wait for book #2 XD

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