Happy Father’s Day!

Today is Father’s Day, and I hope everyone who has a dad in their life has a little something fun planned for the day. My brother and I usually get my dad the same gift every year, a shirt from Tommy Bahama (we’re trying to inspire him with leisurewear to retire). He made the mistake of telling us the first year we did it that he liked the shirt, and since we like to play it safe with gifts, now it’ll be Tommy Bahama shirts for life!

Anyway, my dad (who, sadly, is not a rock star) is a huge reader and especially loves historical fiction set in and around New York at the turn of the century. He’s really into Teddy Roosevelt-related history and recently got into The Alienist series by Caleb Carr.  Whenever he comes to New York, he arrives with a list of book-related places he wants to visit, which is cool, because it’s more fun than doing the same old tourist things that most visitors want to do.

Secret garden in Brooklyn

This morning when I was walking my dog, we walked down a block I usually skip, and for the first time I noticed this awesome little backyard sanctuary!  Next time my dad comes to visit, I’ll have to show this to him. Finding a little fun cool spot in the neighborhood is totally the kind of thing for which he lives. He’s becoming a really different guy now that he’s older, even experimenting with vegan food since reading about Bill Clinton’s major life changes after surviving his heart problems.  I’m proud of my dad. It’s exciting for me to see someone starting a new chapter of life with so much energy and enthusiasm to try new things outside of their comfort zone.

On the topic of dads, at the end of The Rock Star’s Daughter, Chase and Taylor have called somewhat of a truce while Chase checks into rehab. In the sequel, they continue to work on their relationship, only this time it’s Taylor who might have some apologizing to do.  She spent so much of her life with a parent who trusted her to make her own decisions that it’s really difficult for her to have to factor a parent’s opinion into choices she makes.

What do you have planned for Father’s Day? Do you and your dad have any fun customs that you do together, like going to baseball games or riding bikes? Is your dad a superstar among dads? Or does your mom do double-duty as a superstar mom and dad? Drop me a note, I’d love to hear about it.


One thought on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Seeing I’m in Australia Father’s day isn’t until September but my Father’s day consists of him complaining my present is rubbish (and isn’t afraid to say its rubbish either) The wonders of having a narcissist as a parent!

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