It’s crazy hot!

I’ve been slacking in an epic way on my blogging lately, because quite honestly, it’s too hot to even think in New York this week. Some astounding thunderstorms rocked the tri-state yesterday and brought with them some slightly cooler weather, but due to a very inconvenient issue with the special electrical outlet in my apartment for the air conditioner, my apartment is still sweltering. This is a prime example of apartment life in New York: no matter how great your apartment is, there is always something colossally, annoyingly wrong with it.  So I’ve been out and about, trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible to avoid my own home. Sad! But true. The Starbucks baristas around my neighborhood are getting sick of me.

TOMORROW… I have a big blog post planned all about Brighton Beach and Coney Island, home of one Felix Anatoli Katz, if you’ve read The Believer’s Daughter.

But for now, my mom’s in town for a visit and we’re going to go beat the heat at the movie theater and see either Prometheus or Abe Lincoln : Vampire Hunter. True confession: I have very cheesy taste in movies and I can’t wait to see both of these fine flicks.

Check out these pictures I couldn’t resist taking of my neighbors’ beautiful flowers on this morning’s dog walk.  In case you always thought Brooklyn was kind of an industrial wasteland (which in some parts, it is), here is some evidence that it’s not! Tomorrow, more evidence will follow that Brooklyn has cute beaches and boardwalks, too.


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