The Treadwell Academy – one year anniversary

Exactly one year ago today, The Rock Star’s Daughter was first published.

I had written the first book over the course of a year, inspired to write a story about how difficult it is to move forward in life after something completely unexpected happens. While my own dad is not a rock star (and probably if pressed to name a rock star, he might only be able to come up Mick Jagger) and my mom (thankfully) is in perfect health and is not at all the type to hang out in seedy bars in Hollywood, the event in my own life that inspired Taylor’s story was the very untimely death of a close friend. After the initial sadness and shock over his passing subsided, what was far more painful was the part that followed: figuring out how my life was still my life in his absence, when everything felt so different (and at the time, unbearable).  I shaped Taylor’s struggle to embrace all of the changes thrown at her on my own day-to-day acceptance of changes in my life.  Taylor’s story became one of triumphing over loss, of opening her heart to love even though she was in pain, when the risk of getting hurt (by everyone… her Dad, Jill, and Jake) was great.

Never, ever did I dare to dream that this book would be downloaded by hundreds of thousands (yes!) of readers, and that so many readers would review it so favorably and reach out to me. I’ve heard from readers who wished Taylor had chosen Jake instead of Todd, from readers who were angry that Allison never called back to apologize, from readers who have lost their own parents and identified with Taylor’s shock over her mother’s death, and readers who complained that Iowa doesn’t stink like manure!

Pretty much as soon as I started writing the Taylor book, I realized that there were a lot of other stories I wanted to tell about things girls go through at Tayor’s age. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than writing these stories, and I really cannot thank every single one of you who have downloaded the book and read it enough for your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this year so very special for me.

This summer, I’m busy editing books 3 & 4 (dealing with topics of sexual abuse and eating disorders) for release, and writing the sequel to Taylor’s story. In the follow-up, Taylor deals more thoroughly with her grief, but all of the Beauforte/Atwood clan will be back: Jill, Kelsey, Chase, Todd, even Betsey Norfleet…  and of course, Jake.


22 thoughts on “The Treadwell Academy – one year anniversary

  1. I just got done reading The Rock Stars Daughter and found it to be so uplifting for young adults. I’m in my late twenties and loved reading it! It kept me turning the pages to see what would happen to Taylor next. I’d love to read a sequel. I found it on iBooks on my iPad. Great find and kept me entertained as it is hard for me to actually sit down and read a book because I have ADHD! This one made it so interesting that I read it in 3 days! Thank You!

  2. Hey I’m Ella 12 from Essex England. i love your book ! It made me cry at points! And were I’m from I’m quite a hardnut. I really do love your book I’ve only read one but will find the time to read more …. But I would like to ask you would you ever do a sequel ? Because Iwant to know if Taylor gets Todd and if her dad get out of rehab …. Or if she hears from Jake?

  3. Hiya! I’m Margo, and I read this book in about a day. I just loved it so much. It had been circulating around my school, and my friend told me to download it. It took almost everyone who spread it in my school a moth to read. Since I have a passion for reading, it was easy to finish a story I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a phenomenal story, and fantastic writing. I snored to thank you for sharing this joy. I loved it so much! I’ll be reading your other books for sure. Thanks again!

  4. Hey Caitlyn! I just read The Rockstars daughter in one night! I couldn’t put it down I’m 15 and related to Taylor so well!im currently reading the Viscounts daughter and I hope a hope a book on Taylor comes out SOON!! I love your writing keep up the work!

  5. Yes im so happy you are writting another one about taylor, what is itt going to be called and when will it be realeased so i can buy it? I cant wait to read it!!!!

    • Amy Rose, Wow you are so far away! It is astounding to me whenever I hear from a reader who lives in another country that they’ve read my books. Writing is such an isolated experience, it is truly flabbergasting to me when I really think about my stories being experienced as far away as Tanzania! At this point, I’m not sure if the Emma book will be released next, or the Taylor sequel. One or the other will be a freebie, but I’m not sure yet which! I’ll add you to my email list so that as soon as it’s released, you’ll hear about it. Thanks so much for your note! Caitlyn

    • Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your note! I’ve gotten a lot of requests to continue Bijoux’s story. Emma’s next, then the Taylor sequel (both almost done) and after that, I’m open to taking requests! I think Christie would have a very interesting story to tell (every time I introduce a character, I already have an outline written for them). In hers, her parents accompany her to China to find her biological mother.

  6. I recently downloaded the rockstars daughter on my kindle because it was free and I was bored. I hadn’t been expecting much- especially since I’m a little older than the targeted audience, but I really enjoyed it. I downloaded Betsey’s story next (I know, wrong order) and I LOVED it! I was honestly sad to see it end. Id love to learn more about Bijoux later!

  7. Hi Ms. Duffy, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love your book “The Rockstar Daughter”, it was incredible. Taylor is my favorite heroine of all times, and I can’t wait to read more about her. I also read the Viscount’s Daughter, and I liked Betsy. I hope Betsy and Taylor become really good friends. Betsy needs good friends around her. Taylor is strong and positive. I read the Viscount Daughter to read about more of Taylor. What I like about both books how both dad’s stepped up to their father role when Taylor and Betsy needed them most.
    I love your books, please don’t ever stop writing. Thank you for this wonderful series. I’m going to read book 2 of your series, but I wanted to know how Grace Mathison is connected to Taylor and Betsey. I went to an all girls boarding school in Maryland so I can relate with the books, thank you.

  8. Read the Rockstar’s Daughter in a few hours the other day. What a great book! I cannot wait to read the continuation. Please let me know when it’s released for purchase. 🙂

  9. Hi, my name is Lily and I’m from England, I originally found the rock stars daughter, on my grandmas kindle when I was bored at her house, I enjoyed it so much and i really wanted to know what happens to Taylor, as I had to leave my grandmas without finishing it. So i immediately downloaded it onto my iPod and didn’t put it down until I’d finished it. This is my favourite book of all time now! Very big fan too!:D can’t wait for the sequel!! (sorry this is long)

  10. Hi, my name is Eilish, I’m sixteen and Irish. I discovered ‘The Rockstars Daughter’ on ITunes yesterday and read the whole book last night. I was completely taken by the character of Taylor, I cannot wait for the sequel! I quite enjoyed the relationship that existed between Taylor and Jake and was disappointed when it didn’t work out. This book captured my attention from the outset and it’s now one of my favourite books of all-time. Thank you for writing such a touching and captivating piece of work.
    Your biggest fan,
    Eilish x

  11. Hi! My name is Cecelia and I just want to say that I’m SO HAPPY that you’re writing a second Taylor book!!!I’ve been reading the first book over and over again!! I love Taylor!! 🙂

  12. Hi, my name is Stine. I’m from Norway. 😉
    I have red the whole book in 2,5 days as I’m lying on the sun bed in Turkey.
    And loved it!!! So amazing, I loved everything written in it. Can’t wait until the Norwegian iTunes come out with the second book!
    Love ❤

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