The dog days of July

Nancy by Schwinn on Court Street

I had big plans today, guys, to wake up heroically early and get on the train bound for the Hamptons for a day of fresh air, sand and sun. But then I overslept, my dog took an infuriatingly long time to manage his affairs outside on our morning walk, someone annoying emailed me about work-related stuff, and then I missed my train.  Life has gone on, and it’s not the greatest tragedy because it’s overcast and nasty outside today anyway.

So, today has instead become a classic summer neighborhood day. It’s Bastille Day, for those of you who are up on your French history, and the neighborhood in Brooklyn next to mine, known as Cobble Hill, has a huge French population so there are lots of restaurants hosting big parties today. Check out this Schwinn Signature Nancy bike that some lucky girl locked up on Court Street. Pale pink and so cute!

Today also became a fire escape gardening day out of necessity. A friend of mine gave me one cute red geranium, and it looked so lonely and forlorn out on the fire escape alone that today I decided to purchase some colleagues for him.

Fire escape garden

Behold! These salvia and zinnia flowers will never look better than they do today, because now that they are under my care, they are doomed for certain. Please review exhibit A, the dying geranium in the foreground. It’s only a matter of hours before the new kids on the fire escape meet a similar fate.

And while I suck at nurturing plant life, I am good at shopping!

Shirts from Urban Outfitters

This is the point in the summer — 6 weeks of relentless 90-degree temperatures — when I annually decide that I hate all my hot weather clothes and need to purchase new everything. Today I stopped by Urban Outfitters and they were having a crazy sale on these vintage-inspired t-shirts. Rainbows, kitties and owls are what I’m all about!

Now, back to my usual dog-days-of-summer activities, which include writing about teenage girls and trying to convince myself that I do not need expensive Shu Uemera anti-frizz hair oil that smells like exotic jasmine.


2 thoughts on “The dog days of July

    • The next one will be available within the next 3 weeks, mostly depending on iTunes’ schedule for release! I am excited and I’ll be posting a lot over the next week or so about it. Thanks for your note!

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