Enter for your chance to win! Win! Win!

I totally love Alice Marvels, from its spot-on YA book reviews to its dreamy illustrations. And right now at this very second, they are not only featuring The Viscount’s Daughter in the Indie Spotlight section, but they’re also sponsoring an awesome giveaway!

You could enter for a chance to win one of three Treadwell Academy paperback trios, featuring The Rock Star’s Daughter (still in the Top 10 Romance books for teens after all these months!), The Believer’s Daughter, and The Viscount’s Daughter. And one grand prize winner will also win the books, plus a totally cute Kate Sutton-designed backpack for Le SportSac filled with nifty school supplies.

So you might not be going back to school at the Treadwell Academy, but you can take the Academy with you!  Don’t delay, enter before September 7th, and while you’re there, sign up for the Alice Marvels newsletter. They feature really fantastic books and always have tons of giveaways going on.

Good luck!

Tomorrow I’m off to the beach and I’ll be blogging all my shopping adventures.


17 thoughts on “Enter for your chance to win! Win! Win!

  1. Hey! I know it could draw put the series but I don’t think anyone would complain if the was a sequal to the the first three books! There is much more of a story to Taylor, Betsey, and Graces Story! Please reply!?! These books changed.my life. I really wish I could meet you and talk about the books. I sit around at home sometimes imagining what happens next.

  2. I loved rock stars daughter I just wish it continued and you found out if her father stopped drinking how their relationship went etc. etc. will there be a follow up to this book? I do hope so couldn’t put it down.

    • http://www.ereaderdailyextra.com is promoting your book today on the free books page! Rockstars Daughter comes highly rated on our site. Pass the word around, and email me to become Author of the week along with links to all your books you will have a picture and bio about you featured along with a fb profile picture promotion you as Author of the week!

      • Hi there, thanks so much for featuring me! I just sent a notice out to my Twitter followers.

        My three books are: The Rock Star’s Daughter: http://www.amazon.com/Daughter-Treadwell-Academy-Novels-ebook/dp/B005BYPLPE The Believer’s Daughter: http://www.amazon.com/Believers-Daughter-Treadwell-Academy-ebook/dp/B007DQ6AAI/ and The Viscount’s Daughter: http://www.amazon.com/Viscounts-Daughter-Treadwell-Academy-ebook/dp/B008UDGD5A/

        My bio is: Caitlyn Duffy is a private boarding school survivor and the author of The Treadwell Academy Novels, a series about privileged girls in an elite boarding school setting and the challenges they face. The series addresses issues common to teen readers including eating disorders, divorce, grief, heartbreak, first love, drug addiction and disagreements with parents. It was Caitlyn’s dream to create a series that mixed glamour and celebrity with the real-life problems that kids endure that could be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Her writing experience includes freelance editing for publishing houses and copywriting in the advertising industry. “The Rock Star’s Daughter” is Book 1 in the Treadwell Academy Novels, and a sequel will be released in Spring, 2013. When she’s not writing about the girls of Treadwell, she’s walking her semi-famous dog Maxim around Park Slope, Brooklyn and drinking too much coffee.

        My website is caitlynduffy.com and my picture is attached.

        Thanks again!

      • Hi Caitlyn,

        Thank you so much for your response and support. I will be adding you to the feature page Author of The Week on Wed. April 3, 2013. It will Run until April 9, 2010. The only thing that was missing was the attachment with your picture on it, so if you could re send that I will be all set to get you featured! I checked your website also, but did not see a piture of you. However your dog is super cute! Also, I needed to ask you if you would like a link to your website on the page as well?

        Thanks, Gayle L

      • Hi Gayle, Thanks again so much for featuring me! It would be awesome if you could link to my site. I’m trying to attached the .jpg file of my picture again to this email. I’ll blog & post to my Facebook page tomorrow about the feature! This is so cool!


      • Sorry for the delay, we had a server problem yesterday, and was unable to get into any email, and I am obviously not getting any attachments. I found a picture online of you, and I will use that one. If its up and you don’t like that one, you can let me know. I will send you a private twitter message, and give you my personal email to send one to. Hopefully my email issues will be resolved today. I will be working on your page today, and I will run it for a full 7 days. I will let you know when it is complete and you can view and share with your fans.

  3. Hi Caitlyn,
    I just finished the Treadwell Academy series. Loved them, even if I am not a YA! I went to a boarding academy my junior and senior years many years ago… So could relate to some of the feelings and scenarios. I even ran away once from this school with 9 of my friends. We had been there over Christmas break to work in a factory to help pay our tuition. Your stories brought back many bittersweet memories… Thank you !

  4. I absolutely LOVED your books! I read all 4 in a week, with my favorite probably being The Believer’s Daughter. My mom told me about Taylor’s book, and when I looked it up in amazon I had to laugh a little and then informed her it’s a YA book (she’s 56!) her response? “I don’t care! It was still a great book!” please write more!!!!

    • Hi Kelsi, thank you so much for your note! I love that you found out about the Taylor book through your mom. It really makes me happy that people of all ages are enjoying my writing. Thanks again, and more books are on the way!

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