The Market of San Miguel

I LOVE Madrid

In The Viscount’s Daughter, Kristijan can’t wait to take Betsey Norfleet and Taylor Beauforte to the Mercado de San Miguel, a real market in Madrid that was renovated about 10 years ago and now is totally deluxe and impossible to resist.

Ola, gelato

The whole market is a buffet of indulgences, from little tapas counters where you can stuff your face with cheese, croquettes, potatoes, and calamari to wine bars where you can chit chat with handsome sommeliers. I could never figure out exactly what the operating hours were, because it seemed to simply be open around the clock.


the market

The whole place is kind of so huge and winding that it’s impossible to take a picture that really provides an accurate depiction of how the market is set up.  The only thing I can really compare it to in New York is the big food hall at Grand Central Station, but when it comes down to decor and style, Madrid wins in this case. No contest.


2 thoughts on “The Market of San Miguel

  1. Oh that’s the market where Betsey tells Taylor and Kristijan what Danko has been doing after hearing about Magda, right? I imagined it more like a Starbucks-like shop with gelato hahaha, and not so crowded. The ice-cream (gelato) looks soo good! Must be yummy :p

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