Welcome to Brooklyn, Halloween edition!

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog because I’ve been working around the clock on The Tycoon’s Daughter and the Taylor sequel. But I love Halloween (as you may have guessed by all of the detail I put into Betsey and Nicola’s trip to Boston in The Viscount’s Daughter), and I happen to live in a neighborhood where everyone is crazy for Halloween.

Everywhere I look, there are giant spiderwebs, witches and ghosts dangling from tree branches, and jack o’lanterns resting on stoops. No one holds back when it comes to gore, either… there are plenty of gross skeleton bones peeking out of flower boxes and skulls lining the steps leading up to brownstones. While I love it during the day, I have to admit… at night it’s a little spooky. On Halloween night, there’s a big neighborhood party at the park near my apartment, and everyone dresses in costume, even dogs.

I’m still undecided on my costume for this year, but I am leaning toward some variety of zombie. Librarian zombie? Nurse zombie? Bride zombie? I’m not sure yet.  When I was a little girl, my mom was a champion costume-maker, and some of my early costumes like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Princess Leia even included wigs so that my hair would be right!

What are you dressing as for Halloween? Are you roasting pumpkin seeds? Bobbing for apples? Will you go Trick or Treating?  Comment & let me know!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Brooklyn, Halloween edition!

  1. Hello! I stumbled on your books in the iBookstore, they’re great. I’m glad to hear you’re in the progress of 2 more – keep it up!!

  2. Hey Caitlyn, I’ve already read all three of your other books. I loved them all.
    When will your next two be available in Australia?

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