The Flu Blues

So, the inevitable has happened and I’ve managed to come down with the flu. This is really inconvenient and depressing, because I’ve been working really hard on tidying up the sequel to The Rock Star’s Daughter, and this is just a pesky setback.

Also, the flu is gross.

As part of enduring the flu, I’ve spent a great deal of quality time the last few days in my pajamas, which is not an entirely bad thing. Quite honestly, I love wearing my pajamas, and if I were not a resident of one of the filthiest cities on the planet, I might be one of those girls who visit Starbucks, the dry cleaners, etc. in PJ pants.  I am a fan of the button-down style of pajamas with elastic-waistband pants. Here are a few faves:

Mandarin Lantern Pajamas

Bedhead PJ’s are made in the USA and they are super cute. I don’t actually own these Mandarin lantern PJ’s, but I do own a pair of this company’s Nantucket Gingham Cotton pajamas, and they are really comfortable.

LL Bean Tartan Flannel Pajamas

The warmest. The coziest. There is simply no better investment for future sick days home from work than these pajamas.

A vintage floral pattern from a famous textile house

I am a huge fan of Liberty Art Fabrics from London (I’ve even got the Liberty Nike wedge high tops) and these PJ’s made with one of their vintage floral prints are adorable.




5 thoughts on “The Flu Blues


  2. Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! I sooooooo love your books! But they seem only 1/2 done. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE write what happened with Grace and Felix! What about her panic attacks?! And tattooing? I NEEEEEEEEEED more!!!!!(The believers daughter) What about her dad!? and mama? C’mon!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Caitlyn! I want to say I absolutely LOVE your Treadwell Academy series. I’m almost finished reading “The Viscounts Daughter” and I am SO looking forward to the “The Rockstars Daughter” sequel. You’re such a talented and inspirational writer. I adore you.

    (Also wanted to point out a little mistake you made in the books. In “The Rockstars Daughter” you say that Bijoux graduated highschool, but in “The Viscounts Daughter” you say Bijoux dropped out in her Junior year. Just letting you know in case you didn’t recognize it. ^.^)

    – Grace

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