Winter is finally here

Of course the weather turns frigid and snow begins falling on the East Coast right at about the time in winter when I’m at my breaking point with long, dark nights and cloudy days.

But snow days are fun days, at least until the snow gets all dirty and brown and turns into pools of slush on the corner. On Friday as snow fall across the tri-state area all day, I was treated to a “work from home” day and celebrated with a beautiful latte from Cafe Pedlar near my apartment.

Snow in Brooklyn cafepedlar


Now, bring on the spring! I have some very sad daffodils in my apartment serving as a reminder to myself that spring is right around the corner, hopefully!


One thought on “Winter is finally here

  1. How cozy! And, though I’m quite jealous of all the snow up north, I do agree with you– the world seems ready to emerge into spring. This morning I woke with a chorus of birds larking outside my window, and it make me feel ready for the warm weather, and all things spring-like.

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