Dispatch from West Hollywood



I set the beginning of The Rock Star’s Daughter in West Hollywood because the neighborhood really embodies this kind of tangible, sunshine-y glamour that you can only find in Los Angeles. It’s a neighborhood where cute little houses with elaborate gardens can be found right next door to big modern office buildings, and it also happens to be a neighborhood with some of the best shopping in all of California. When I imagined where a woman like Dawn Beauforte might settle down to raise a daughter, I decided she’d probably not venture far from where she’d spent wild nights as a young woman: the Sunset Strip right in WeHo.

In West Hollywood, there’s the magnificent Beverly Center mall, endless chic boutiques on Melrose, and my personal favorite, the ever-amazing Kitson on Robertson, where you can find fake Celine Paris t-shirts (Feline Meow!)  and all kinds of sequined, cashmere awesomeness.  Right now Kitson has these rockin’ fleece shirts by Wildfox with all kinds of screenprinting that looks kind of 80’s retro, and I was tempted to buy every single one of them, but didn’t because very soon it’s going to be 9 billion degrees in New York City and the last thing I should be buying is fleece. Shopping on Robertson

Book Soup on Sunset


Anyhow, above is a picture of Robertson on a crystal clear shopping day, and one of my favorite places in the world, Book Soup bookstore on Sunset Boulevard!


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