Spring is finally here!

Flowers in Cobble Hill The park in full bloom Wyckoff Street sunrise


It would appear that spring has finally arrived in Brooklyn while I’ve been away! 

I have a lot of surprises to post over the next few weeks related to the Emma book, the Taylor sequel… and whatever happened to Allison Burch, Todd’s sister and Taylor’s former best friend?

Here’s a hint: If you had an amazing set of pipes, who would you choose to be your mentor on The Voice? I know I’d pick Adam Levine (I’d pretty much pick Adam Levine for anything). 


15 thoughts on “Spring is finally here!

  1. Hello,
    I just read The Rockstars daughter in one night! Stayed up til 2am reading it because I could not put it down, you really tapped into the thoughts and feelings of a 15 year old girl. I am a 23 year old English student and after months of only reading Shakespeare your book gave me a beautiful refreshing love of chic-lit. Keep doing what your doing girl. Can’t wait to read some more of your books, they’re fabulous!
    Love from Australia

    • Hi Liz! Thank you so much for your note! I’m glad you enjoyed The Rock Star’s Daughter, now get some sleep and do your homework! And if you’re studying Shakespeare, I have to recommend that you read Arthur Phillip’s novel, The Tragedy of Arthur. It’s so amazing – it’s about Shakespeare, art fraud, personal history… it’ll have you googling what’s fact and what’s fiction!

  2. Please make time to write. It should be your priority. You are so talented. I never take time to comment. I just NEED more. Of whoever. Please 🙂

  3. I am once again reminded how much I can relate to Grace! I just reread the series and I honestly wish I could memorize your books so I can read them over and over again! Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series have been my faborites for a long time but your books just left them in the dust! You seem like an amazing person, and if you do to a book tour, PLEASE email me and stop in Nashville! (Email: wlm.Lauren@gmail.com)

  4. Thank you for writing. For being a writer. And for being Caitlyn Duffy. I love your books so much. I first started reading The Rock Stars Daughter, before I went on a 9 hour drive. It was in the top books section and downloaded it because the girl on the cover looked familiar. After reading Betsey’s story she became my favourite Treadwell girl. She is so realistic yet such a character that’s just from a book. When I finally found the third book, The Believer’s Daughter and I read the blurb I can’t say I was excited. I’m not a very religious person and wasn’t looking forward to a book about a Christian girl (yep, I sound like a bully that’s smoking on a staircase 😉 ). But once I began reading it I realised how much I still love your writing. Grace is now one of my favourite characters, and even though at the start I didn’t like Felix I am warming up to him. I never want your books to end. I really do hope there is a book on Emma Jeffries because she has been mentioned so many times. I love that Jake is incorporated into every book, because it reminds me of how small the world really is. I hope that another book is written for Taylor because I love Todd but think her and Jake should be together after they re united in The Viscount’s Daughter. I trust that you will do there connection justice. I also really hope you write about Juliette because I love her to bits already. I would love to see the books created into a movie because I love them so much. For the past 4 nights I’ve stayed up until 12am, until 3:30am because your books are so amazing, and I’m not exaggerating. I would love to meet you one day ( I’m from Melbourne, Australia.) because you are one of my favourite authors, along with JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins. Thank you so much and please never stop writing. You’re my inspiration for writing short stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can not thank you enough for being such a gifted writer. I can not wait for the following story in the Treadwell Academy Series. xxxxxxx

    • Hi Chloe!
      Thank you SO much for such a beautiful email! I read it first thing this morning, and what a lovely way to start a day! Of course Taylor will have to decide once again (in the sequel to The Rock Star’s Daughter) between Todd and Jake. Her connection with Jake is special; they share a similar childhood, and often in real life we find similarities in the lives of others to have significance that’s hard to deny. I was eager to write the Grace story because I knew it would be a challenge for me as a writer to create a story around a girl whose convictions are so different from my own,and a girl who most likely would face some bullying at any school she attended. I already have an outline together for Juliette’s riches to rags story on Long Island (hers will actually be very realistic, since it’s not that uncommon for Wall Street financiers to be convicted for fraud these days) and one of these days, if I ever have enough time, I look forward to writing her story. Thank you again for your note and if I ever pull a book tour together, Australia will definitely be the first country I visit because I receive so much email from my Aussie fans!

  5. Caitlyn,
    Hey! I know it could draw put the series but I don’t think anyone would complain if the was a sequal to the the first three books! There is much more of a story to Taylor, Betsey, and Graces Story! Please reply!?! These books changed.my life. I really wish I could meet you and talk about the books. I sit around at home sometimes imagining what happens next.
    (I left this comment on a different post, but would like to add that I realize your already working on Taylor’s sequal! Laurent, the Colgate R.A. would be a great person for a book, because in the believers daughter, she is seen crying. Why?)
    Best wishes in this prospering series!

    • Hi Lauren! Yes – I’m actually hard at work on the Taylor sequel, continuing her story with Todd (part of which is told in The Viscount’s Daughter). And of course, it wouldn’t be much of a story if we didn’t see Jake’s return. I have an outline for a story prepared for Lauren, and it has a lot to do with how her life is unexpectedly twisted with Alyssa Ackerman (the snobby brat who is mentioned a few times). If only I had unlimited time to write! The not-so-well-kept secret is that I’m *also* working on a series about Allison, Taylor’s best friend in The Rock Star’s Daughter, and her own pursuit of fame on a reality TV show.

      Thanks again for keeping up with the series. One of these days I’d really love to do a book tour and meet readers! Caitlyn

      • I am once again reminded how much I can relate to Grace! I just reread the series and I honestly wish I could memorize your books so I can read them over and over again! Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series have been my faborites for a long time but your books just left them in the dust! You seem like an amazing person, and if you do to a book tour, PLEASE email me! ( wlm.Lauren@gmail.com) Stop in Nashville on that book tour! Please reply!

      • Caitlyn,
        Hi so i saw that you wanted to do a book tour and well i love in Addison VT. And my small town hasnt gotten a famous person here in about 15 years. So thank you

  6. Dear Caitlyn,

    I LOVED all three books: 1) The Rock Star’s Daughter, 2) The Believer’s Daughter, and 3) The Viscount’s Daughter. I can’t wait for Emma’s storyline and the sequel regarding Taylor (and hopefully: Grace, and Betsy’s sequels.) I adore your storylines and the conflicting emotions (as well as humor) that each teenager encounters on their “roller coasters of life” discoveries. Your books are certainly spell binding!!! I have encourages several of my nieces to put Treadwell on the Kindle must reads!!!

    As a suggestion, could you maybe put the sequence order (i.e. Treadwell Academy- Book 4) on future title covers to help aid readers. Also, I would love a storyline featuring Ameeriah, Chloe, Nicola, Stacey hopefully and finally one with all of the girls graduating Treadwell. Possible storylines: bullying, suicide, bipolar, drug addiction, and racial discrimination. Having money doesn’t cure the world of ignorance, so this could spur more stories into their collegee years.

    Best Wishes on your continued success,

    • Hi Antoinette, thank you so very much for your note! I’m always interested in hearing about which characters resonate with readers to consider whose story to tell next, and which issues they should face, so really appreciate your suggestions. My main roadblock these days is time — simply not enough hours in the day to write! Thanks once again 🙂

  7. I just read the viscount”s daughter and am hoping that you will continue with Betsy story and her sister. I would like to learn more on Taylor too. They were both great books and still so much more to tell.

  8. I loved The Rockstar’s Daughter! Just finished reading it and it was a great read. A sequel to Taylor’s story perhaps? 🙂

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