Daze Off!

It is my pleasure to announce that I’ve contributed a story to Be Active Media‘s Beat Girl project on Wattpad! If you live in the UK, you’ve probably already heard about Beat Girl, because the movie opened in theaters in May.

Beat Girl is the story of a girl named Heather whose life falls apart after her mom passes away unexpectedly. She loses her scholarship to study piano at Juilliard in New York, and has to live with her estranged dad and trouble-making younger half-brother. But life takes a strange turn when Heather tries her hand at spinning dance music. She’s actually good–really good–and has to decide between pursuing her old dream and giving a new dream a shot.

My story, Daze Off, is about a girl named Daisy Chatterjee who’s about to turn eighteen and graduate from high school in London’s East End. If you know anything about London, then you know that the East End is the tough part of town. It’s the neighborhood where Jack the Ripper committed his bloody crimes, and where the very famous British soap opera East Enders is set (it was Princess Diana’s favorite show). It’s also known as “Spitalfields,” as in, All Saints Spitalfields, and was the site of one of the very first hospitals in England (dating back to the 13th Century)! Daisy’s been desperate her whole life to find a way to escape her neighborhood, and thinks she’s finally found a reasonable shot at fame and fortune when the band she started has a chance to join a huge summer rock tour across the U.K. However, Daisy’s absolutely floored when her band mates–all guys– tell her that they’re kicking her out of the band to go on tour with out her, billing themselves as a wild & crazy boy band.

Daze Off



Daisy’s so upset, she’s not sure what to do. Even her own boyfriend, Mike, didn’t have the heart to stick up for her and insist that she go on tour with the guys.  All she wants to do is play drums and get famous, and she knows she’s got the talent to make it happen. She has a decision to make: wait hopefully for another chance at success, or create one for herself.

Here’s the trailer for the Beat Girl movie:


2 thoughts on “Daze Off!

  1. Sounds interesting! Spitalfields is just a small part of the East End, much of which is now becoming pretty gentrified. Hackney and Bethnal Green were really poor areas when my grandparents lived there between the 1920s and 1960s (chunks were demolished as part of the slum clearences in the 1950s), but now contain areas which are rather swish. I look forward to reading your take on it!

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