Hurricane Emma… on its way

Hello, everyone! I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been so busy finishing The Tycoon’s Daughter and editing it for release that I

1) haven’t gone shopping in like… ages

2) haven’t gone to the beach in even longer

As I’ve been working on The Tycoon’s Daughter, I’ve been particularly sensitive to conversations going on around me about weight, food, and eating disorders, since that’s a huge part of Emma’s story. It’s always surprising to me, truly surprising, that so many women even my own age still struggle with all of these issues. So many girls define the quality of their lives on a daily basis by how they perceive their body to look, and ladies, we need to stop the madness.  I’m going to write a lot about this topic over the next few weeks, but in an effort to not be too preachy all at once, first I’m going to encourage everyone who has a computer to get their butt over to Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

Yes, it’s hippy new-agey stuff. Sort of. But it’s not just for old people, it’s for teenagers, too.

If you could feel better about yourself and see yourself as you really are instead of through the I-Hate-Myself lens by just spending a few minutes every morning clearing your mind and focusing on your own happiness, why would you avoid that?

Here’s a totally free way to have access to the world’s most famous physician and meditation guru: Deepak Chopra. He’s the guy celebrities turn to for help with establishing balance in their lives, and he’s made all of his best stuff FREE for all of us.

You may hate meditation. It may make you sleepy. That’s OK. The point is that too often we speed through our lives, letting negative thoughts build up. You are worth slowing down for a few minutes each day and focusing  on how YOU really feel.  Humor me. Just try it. And word: Jerry Seinfeld has been meditating for 40 years (since he was a teenager) and credits much of his success to it. So it’s not just for weird yoga people.



9 thoughts on “Hurricane Emma… on its way

  1. I just read The Believer’s Daughter after finishing the other two novels. Can’t wait for the next one. I’m 39 years old and admit I loved all three books! Thank you for making believable characters who end up stronger than they thought they were.

  2. Hi Caitlyn!

    I’m so not in your target audience (I’m a mom with an 11yo son) but I adore your books. They’re all on my Kindle; received the first one free and immediately after finishing it, bought the other two. (Just finished reading the three again today, as a matter of fact!) SO glad you have a fourth coming out….I’ll be watching for it!

    Btw, the scenes at the end of “The Viscount’s Daughter,” were so wonderful to read. That’s what all girls want their dads to do/be for them. Thanks for writing her story so honestly but lovingly.


  3. Mrs. Duffy,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but im the one you helped with my novel project intereveiw! I just wanted to see how everything is going? Your Family? Weather? Thanks again for helping me with my novel project!

    • Hi Hannah! Of course I remember you. Did you start school again yet? I keep hearing that it’s Back to School time, but it seems way too early for that! Did you have a good summer?

      I’m doing very well. Still working away at the Emma book, hoping to finish it any day now. Nice to hear from you! Caitlyn

      • We haven’t started yet, but some of my friends started this week! Since I live in Michigan, we have a law that we have to start after Labor Day! So our first day of school is September 3rd! I’m excited for school to finally start back up again!!! My summer has been awesome, but pretty busy too! I can’t wait to read your new book! I always love reading interesting books! Right now I’m reading “Prophecy Of The Days: book 1- the Daykeeper’s Grimoire”! I’m only on Chapter 3, but it’s great so far! I would be so glad to her from you again, as your responses brighten my day!

  4. Random but… Your book rockstar daughter book was good! I seriously just got done with and I was not expecting the ending but was more than happy with it.

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