Recipe for a perfect Brooklyn morning

I feel so, so lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time in Brooklyn this summer instead of in my office! Here are just a quick few things that I adore about my borough, and my neighborhood, in particular.


Manhattan skyline in the rain1) I live close enough to the Brooklyn Heights promenade that it’s within walking distance. Here’s a snapshot on kind of a gloomy morning, but the New York City skyline always makes me nostalgic and reminds me why I love living here.

Squirrels2. Squirrels are the real kings of Brooklyn. Their cousins, rats, rule the night. But these chubby acorn bandits are everywhere during daylight hours, and they aren’t afraid of anything!


Sunshine3. When the sun peeks through the clouds after a rainstorm in Brooklyn, it feels like you’re stepping back in time 100 years. The brownstones are so beautiful, and my neighbors put a lot of effort into decorating their stoops with plants and their window boxes with flowers. So charming!





One thought on “Recipe for a perfect Brooklyn morning

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