Reasons to be thankful this year

Today when I called home to wish my family a Happy Thanksgiving (work obligations have kept me in New York this weekend), my three-year-old nephew. Declan, proudly informed me that he is “wearing khakis” and for Christmas would like a “whacker.” My sister explained that he is very enthusiastic about the sound of the word “khaki” and likes to announce his choice in clothing–even to strangers–if doing so offers him an opportunity to say it. A “whacker” is apparently his own term for a spatula, which he routinely uses to march around the house and thwack furniture.

Recently, when I was out to lunch with my three-year-old niece, Maggie, I tried to teach her how to say the world “quesadilla.” With an eye roll, she stated, “My mouth isn’t big enough to say that word.”

This year, I am thankful for all the little kids in my life, and for the laughs they bring me. I am also profoundly grateful not only for the readers who take the time to read my work, but for the time I’ve been able to spend working on new stories. Time really is a blessing, I’m realizing increasingly as I get older. Prioritizing ways to spend it isn’t much fun because there are never enough hours to get everything accomplished. For this reason, it means so very much to me every single time a reader downloads one of my books and invests a few hours going on a journey with me.

Thanks, guys. I hope you’re all enjoying peaceful and memorable days with your loved ones today, even if you’re not in the U.S!



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