Rock Gods of Romance Book Bundle – 99-cents!

Today’s the day –

The Rock Gods of Romance book bundle is available on Amazon for Kindle for a limited time for 99-cents!
If you’re into rock star romances, this is six novellas in one book by USA Today & NY Times best-selling romance authors:

  • Liliana Rhodes – The Ballad of Jude
  • Marian Tee – The Rockstar I’ve Loved for So Long
  • Ava Lore – Record, Rewind
  • Mina Esquerra – Playing Autumn
  • K.T. Fisher – Heat
  • and ME

Since most of my readership is under the age of 18, the romance in my story is a bit tame… but if sexy is what you’re after, the other authors do not hold back! It’s a pretty scintillating holiday read.




6 thoughts on “Rock Gods of Romance Book Bundle – 99-cents!

  1. Your short story in the rock gods of romance bundle is great!! Very well written, great character development and better then a lot of books I’ve read recently!

    Are you going to continue Brice and Meredith’s story? If so I’m definitely a fan!!

    • Hi Kate! I’m definitely finishing the story – it’ll most likely be available in January. It’s a little more tame than the other stories in the bundle because my readership is mostly teens and I didn’t want to offend any parents of teenagers! But there will be more action in the full book…

  2. I have not read your books before but I loved what you did with Hometown Hookup. I hope you will continue the story and it will be out soon.

    • Hi Mallery, thanks so much for your note! The piece of Hometown Hookup that’s included in Rock Gods of Romance is just the first few chapters of the complete novel, which will be out in January 2014!

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