Home again, home again

I just spent last week in Los Angeles, partially to finalize Center Stage! (aka the Allison book) and to gather some images that I’ll need for it.  I was reminded once again of how L.A. always smells like flowers, how fantastic the coffee is (hooray for Intelligentsia!) and how it’s home to pretty much the best weather in the world.

Whenever I’m back in Los Angeles, I can’t help but get very nostalgic for Taylor Beauforte, Chase Atwood, and all of the characters in The Rock Star’s Daughter, especially when I’m in the neighborhoods of Larchmont and West Hollywood, where Taylor lived near Allison before the action of the book unfolds.


Here’s Rosewood Avenue, the street where Allison lives, not far from North Laurel, where Taylor lived with her mom at the beginning of the story:Rosewood Ave












Larchmont VillageAnd here’s quaint Larchmont Village just outside Hollywood, where Allison and Taylor used to ride the bus to get iced coffee in the summertime.

It is also coincidentally where I failed my first driving test by almost hitting a pedestrian. True story.








Two things are certain about my relationship with Los Angeles: it always inspires me, and it gets harder to leave every time I visit.

View from my room in Silverlake. Griffith Park Bouelvard!

My favorite thing about Los Angeles: flowers, flowers everywhere.

Perfect skies in Glendale.

My room in Silverlake. Check out the sunset view through that back porch!

Sunset over Silverlake.



4 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. I read the whole of the rock stars daughter today, I was just so intrigued. Are your other books a follow on from the story or just separate books within them selves either way going to read them!

    • Hi Laura! The Viscount’s Daughter tells Betsey Norfleet’s story (Taylor makes a few appearances). The Believer’s Daughter is a totally separate story, although Grace attends the same school as Taylor. The Tycoon’s Daughter is about Taylor’s nemesis, Emma. My next book tells the story of Taylor’s best friend, Allison, and continues Todd’s story in the year following the death of Taylor’s mom.
      Thanks so much for reading and for your note!

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