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I’m a writer, dreamer, consumer of fine cheeses, explorer of foreign countries, listener of rock music, and lover of chihuahuas residing in Brooklyn, NY. I write anything and everything from branded emails about exciting new credit cards to banner ads about diaper absorbency to not-entirely-fictional stories about boarding school life.

You can check out the first novel in my YA series, The Treadwell Academy, at either Smashwords or Amazon.  You can frequently find me on Wattpad. Sometimes I have extra energy and I Tweet.

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Maxim, solving mysteries in Prospect Park


176 thoughts on “All About Caitlyn

  1. Caitlyn I love your books they are just so amazing. I have read the whole series of Trendwell, and while i was reading those books the image your books presented to me were so vivid. I love your books, so KEEP WRITING!!!!!!. They are the best i have ever read, and i cant wait for the spin-off speries! Please email me back with your response, you are by far my favorite author!!

  2. Hi. I am a New Zealand Girl and just read The Believers Daughter. Just wanted to let you know that that there is a horrendous inaccuracy in it! Tony’s wife is from NZ and he comments to Grace if she offers vegemite don’t take it! But vegemite is Australian. Marmite is NZers preference and by the way tastes AMAZING

  3. Hey Caitlyn ! I’m like in love with your books! I already finished the Rock Stars Daughter and now I’m reading the Viscounts Daughter. Have you ever thought about making your Treadwell Academy books into movies?

    • Hi Reagan! Thanks for your note and I hope you like The Viscount’s Daughter! I would love, love, love for the Treadwell books to one day become movies. Unfortunately that’s not up to me – movies involve all kinds of agents and studios. But if any movie studio ever wants to take the rights to these books, they’re available!
      If you’re a Taylor fan, keep your eyes peeled for Center Stage, all about Allison Burch, coming soon!

      • Yes Please keep up the progress on the book and if you dont mind email me when its done even though i am keeping my eyes open for it and have read the first part of it after finishing the tycoons daughter (really good book!)!

  4. Hi Caitlyn, I’m 13 and I came across your book, The Rockstar’s Daughter, and once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I instantly fell in love with it. I loved it so much that I decided to do my book report about it but I need some facts about you, and I figured who would be the best person to ask other than the fantastic author her self so if you could please give me a couple of facts about you, that would be awesome. Thanks(:

    • Hi Mariah! Let’s see… facts about me? My favorite place in the whole world is Bermuda. If I ever become filthy rich, I will try to buy a house there. I live in Brooklyn halfway between Park Slope and Cobble Hill (in somewhat of a star-studded neighborhood where actors Ethan Hawke, Paul Dano, Keri Russell, and singer Norah Jones all own homes). When I’m not writing YA books, I’m writing copy for advertisements (mostly for pharmaceutical companies) and one of these days I’d really like to write a TV show. Please feel free to ask me any more specific questions for your report!

  5. Hi Caitlyn. I’m doing a project about you and whoever wrote holes and I’m having trouble finding stuff so I decided to come to the source. So do you mind telling me about yourself? Like your childhood and stuff like that. Thank you! (:

  6. Hello, Catilyn.
    My name is Molly. I am thirteen years old. I came upon your book in the NOOK store, and i decided to download it. I read your book, and i immediantly fell in love with it. Now, i have hopes of being a writer as well. Do you have any advice for me, as how to get a book published, edited, or just writing a great story in general? I havd linked my profile in which the book is posted, and i would fangirl hard if you read it and gave me feedback. The story in question is called “Special Agent Diamonds.”
    Thank you for your time, Catilyn.

    • Hi, Molly! I just gave Special Agent Diamonds a read on Wattpad and it’s wonderful! You definitely have a knack for writing action sequences and building tension. Getting books published these days is a tricky matter because the industry is in a period of rapid change. To be published by a traditional publisher, you need to find an agent, and to do that, you’re already doing exactly the right thing: writing frequently and being open to revisions suggested by your readers.
      For me, it sounds cheesy, but I always have to draw from my own personal relationships and experiences. My real dad isn’t a rock star, but like Taylor, I did find it hard fitting into a new family structure when I was a teenager. I also chose to have Taylor’s hometown be Los Angeles because it’s a city I know quite well.
      In Special Agent Diamonds, I’d love to know more about Sierra’s hometown and why Peter has chosen that place and *those* teens to become special agents. I think it’s very interesting that Sierra and Carter choose to hide their powers from their mom. Are they protecting her from the truth, or worried that she won’t believe them? And why is it significant that Sierra, of all people, to find out that she has powers? Has she always felt weak or easily overlooked at school? You mention that she’s afraid of Janelle… has Janelle bullied her? I think being named a Special Agent would have more meaning for Sierra if we understood exactly why, on a personal level, it’s such a huge reward for her to receive these amazing powers.
      Keep writing!!

  7. Hi Caitlyn,
    I love your three books, but I do have a couple of Britpicks for the third – I think they stood out for me because I enjoyed the rest so much. Is there somewhere I can email or send you a message, or are you happy for me to put them here?

  8. I love the rockstars daughter when is the sequel going to be out? Or is it already out and if so where can I find it online to read??? You are an amazing author!! Keep it up your doing great!!! 🙂

    • Hi there! Thanks for reading The Rock Star’s Daughter! The sequel’s not done yet, but I’ll probably be publishing the story about Allison Burch before the sequel. Merry Christmas!!

  9. Hi Caitlyn!

    Not gonna lie, I’m about to be 27 and I found myself reading your books after I did a young adult assignment for a literature class. At first I was convinced they were just going to be another collection of mindless fiction (I could never finish the Gossip Girl series) but I was pleasantly surprised! I like how your characters deal with real-life issues, especially the inner issues that girls often deal with on their own. For example, I like how brutally honest Betsey was with herself, and how she didn’t turn into a full-fledged good-girl at the end of the novel. She knew who she was (to an extent) and it was interesting to read about her struggle “fitting in” to the world of academia. Some of the things that Betsey went through, I’m going through now, when it comes to academia!
    Anyway, I can’t wait to read the next one! Thanks for writing a great series!


    • Thank you so, so much for your comment on my blog! I really set out to create something with this series that (to the best of my knowledge) didn’t exist in a modern series at bookstores when I began: a series that presents the real, serious issues that teen girls face in a fun way that doesn’t gloss over the issues or condescend to the reader. I’m *still* working on the Emma book, really grappling with making it engaging but also dealing with the topic of an eating disorder in a way that doesn’t glamorize the condition. Best of luck with your studies, and I hope you have a happy & healthy 2014!

  10. Hello (: I really loved ‘the rock stars daughter’ and also ‘the viscounts daughter’ I thought that they were great books! I am 15 and I felt that it was really easy to connect to the characters of the books! I just wanted to let you know I think you are an amazing writer, and I was also wondering if there was anyway you could do a follow up for the two books?? Another thing I thought would be amazing, and I don’t know if it would be possible but I would love to see those two stories turned into a movie. I think It would turn into a great movie!! (:

    • Hi Whitney, thank you so much for your comment on my site! I’m glad you liked the Rock Star’s Daughter. I’ve been working on a sequel to the Taylor book for quite a while now. I’ve also been doing a sequel of sorts, which hints at what happens to Taylor after she goes back to school in the fall, by writing a spin-off book about Allison Burch, which should be available by January!

  11. Hey Caitlyn,
    Glad to hear from you and I would love to read and review your new book when it comes out next year. I am currently steaming ahead with my latest book, After Ariel, an Australian crime novel and follow up to The Naked Room and The Celibate Mouse. Let’s hope it will be ready to come out about April at the latest. I have been hemming and hawing for the last year as I had a major cancer operation this year – four months ago – but am getting better rapidly now. It was pretty slow and “hairy” for awhile there! No chemo, no radiation so that’s good news lol My rats are well, my husband is well (after losing his gallbladder) and all is well in Boonah, Queensland, Australia 🙂


    Diana, Andrew and the Furfaces xxx

  12. Hi Caitlyn, I am an Australian granny who loved your Rock Star’s Daughter and would also like to read a follow up on the heroine. Your first book was so darned good, I was totally impressed. I would never normally read a YA novel, but your book and Jeanne Bannon’s “Invisible,” are the exceptions and well worth my time!.

    • Hi Diana – I remember your awesome support on Amazon & Twitter last year! I’ve been working on the Taylor sequel and a side project about her friend Allison for the last year. Unfortunately (well, fortunately, I guess, because I’m thankful to have employment) I have a full-time job that’s eaten up most of my time this year. But I’m really hoping that I can get the sequel done over Christmas break this year and release it!

  13. I love your book the rock stars daughter I read it all in a day I loved the parts about jake the last part about jake ruined my heart 😦 can you do something like a part two

    • Hi there, Kiana! I’ve been slowly working on a sequel to the Taylor story for quite some time now. I’m not sure yet when the sequel will be done, but I’m trying really hard to have it finished before Christmas!

  14. Hi Ms. Duffy. My Name is Bella. I would like to tell you that I absolutely adore your books. I have red the tredwell trilogy like 500 times and I wanted to let you know that your books really have helped me a lot growing up. I am turning 15 soon and I am so excited for your new book release. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Xoxo

    Bella Wilson(:

  15. I love your books and am hoping that you are going to write more of the series. I am really looking forward to the new book!

  16. Read the rock stars daughter absolutely heart wrenching, I must say it’s one of my favorites you are such a good writer..I was wanting more of that book so bad I got so into it and never wanted it to end. And come to my surprise I can’t believe I found the viscounts daughter. I begged to get this on my kindle as well. If was one of the most exiting visual books. The books had me in suspense I couldn’t put it down!!..the way things turned out surprised me it made me cry reading some of the pages of the love and the heartbreak of being in that situation really tugged at my heart. I cannot wait to see your book in the theaters! Don’t ever stop writing Caitlyn you definitely have a gift. Now for the final book!

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