All about Treadwell

Treadwell Academy is the fictional boarding school that serves as the setting for my YA series of novels. It’s located in Western Massachusetts, a bus ride away from Boston, and is strictly girls-only.

Book 1: The Rock Star’s Daughter (Taylor) – published in September, 2011

Book 2: The Believer’s Daughter (Grace) – published in March, 2012!

Book 3: The Viscount’s Daughter (Betsey) – published in August, 2012!

Book 4: The Tycoon’s Daughter (Emma) – coming soon!

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127 thoughts on “All about Treadwell

  1. I just finished The Rock Star’s Daugher and it was amazing! Taylor was so real and I absolutely loved Jill and Kelsey (most of the time lol) . Is the sequel coming soon? I can’t wait to see what Taylor’s up too!

  2. Hii!!! I loved the rock’s stars daughter book and I cant wait for the sequel! do you think the sequel come out before new year’s eve?
    keep writing

  3. Do you know what the name for the sequel of the rock star’s daughter is going to be? I’m dying for it to come out!! Do you know approximately when will it come out? Keep on writing your books. They are great!!!

  4. Hi!!! Will you be writing a second book for the Rock Stars Daughter? I LOVEDDDDDD it!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee write a second book.

  5. LOVED The Rock Star’s Daughter great book hope a second part comes out but now focusing on Taylor’s dad getting better, fixing her friendship with Allison, what happens between her and Todd and Jake should come in the picture in which Taylor decides who she wants to be with: her ex-bestfriends brother who ignored her for years or the guy that follows her father’s band on tour who feels like she’s different from other girls. Would love to read a part two for The Rock Star’s Daughter!

  6. I haven’t been able to find Emma’s story, but I have read the other 3. Is The Tycoons Daughter available to buy yet?

  7. i hope in taylor’s sequal she ends up with jake, i don’t get why all my friends at school who red the rock stars daughter hate him (well i sorta do but in the viscounts daughter he seemed to have a better attitude)

  8. I love love love this book and can’t wait to read all the others. That will defiantly be as good as this one. You are an inspirational writer so keep writing.

  9. Hey, it’s me! I feel like it’s beenforever since your last book came out. I still haven’t read it lol. Been lazy lately. But anyways whenever the books come out, I will buy them. I’m actually going to buy The Viscount’s Daughter today! By the way, how is it book four? You should probably update this eventually. And if you are still making The Rock Star’s Daughter sequel, will be extremely happy. I really like Taylor, definitely my favorite character. Btw love the whales. šŸ™‚

    • Hey there, aren’t you in school right now?! I’m getting really, super homesick for LA, which is the inspiration for the Taylor book, so it’s harder to write the sequel when I’m not there. Creativity sometimes sucks, as you know. You don’t always have control over which faucet wants to turn on! what else is going on? which classes are you in this year?


      • Yeah. But the last 20 minutes we didn’t do anything and I found your website… So yeah. Lol. And I can not wait! I kinda hate Allison. But I really can’t wait for the Taylor sequel! And I’ve actually been writing A LOT today. I just randomly got inspiration from, well nothing. But I am basically finished with the first chapter of the story I’m rewriting. And I’m taking:
        -Contemperary History
        -and 3 credit recovery classes šŸ™‚

        Can’t wait for Allison’s book though! I’m addicted to the series. Will definitely be reading all of them this summer! After I finish TBD and TVD, I’m gonna reread TRD.


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