St. Patrick’s Day – right around the corner!

St. Paddy's day in Brooklyn sodabreadIt’s true what they say: everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Even in my traditionally Italian neighborhood, my neighbors are getting ready for this weekend’s Irish festivities. Our local bakery, Mazzola’s, has Irish soda bread in the window, and the Italian butcher is offering corned beef (check out the nifty little leprechaun above). When I was a kid, I took Irish dancing lessons and one year danced in the big parade in Chicago (just like in Backdraft)! These days, I like to take the day off from work (when I’m able) and head uptown to the big New York City parade. I genuinely do love Irish traditional music, and it’s fun to indulge in one morning of national pride!



Eyeliner for the undead

As much as I am a lover of the fresh-faced look and natural beauty, I am also completely addicted to heavy eye¬† makeup. It’s not my fault, really. I was born with blond eyelashes and with out black-as-night lengthening and thickening mascara, I look like a zombie.
This being the case, I love eyeliner, too. And now I especially love color eyeliner. My new fave is plum-colored eyeliner by a makeup brand from Milan (ciao!) called KIKO.
Naturally this is now a little difficult to find in the US.

But, this pencil is creamy – the color is amazing and it makes me look like I am not a member of the zombie apocalypse! If you know anyone going to Italy or Spain, have them pick this up for you! And if you already know KIKO and know where one might obtain it in the US, please please please email me!