The dog (and cat) days of summer

It’s just hot here in New York right now.

Insanely, eat-nothing-but-ice-cream, stay-inside-and-hide hot.

Because I walk around my neighborhood a lot as the owner of an elderly dog who finds great satisfaction in wasting time outside, I’m always up to date on the latest neighborhood news.  Last weekend, I received a good scare when I saw a flyer announcing that the beloved friendly cat of Clinton Street, Biscuit, a big orange fatso who likes to get back rubs from strangers as he strolls around on the sidewalk outside his owners’ apartment, had gone missing.

Of course, I took the news of Biscuit’s disappearance very personally, because I like seeing him strut his stuff up and down his block every morning, greeting kids on their way to school. The possibility that he might be gone from our neighborhood and my morning routine indefinitely or permanently deeply saddened me. So every morning I’ve made a point of walking past Biscuit’s apartment like a stalker to see if perhaps he had resurfaced. And today I am delighted to announce that Biscuit’s back! It would appear, however, that he is under house arrest.

Biscuit lives!

This dog has the right idea

It’s just so darn out right now that this morning I observed this chocolate Lab hiding in the shade beneath the bench at Starbucks while his owner was indoors purchasing ice coffee. I should mention that it was 8 AM when I took this picture, and it was already over 90 degrees.

All of this heat just means I’ve been working harder than ever in my air-conditioned vault on finishing up Books 3 and 4 in the Treadwell Academy series, and writing chapters of my first non-Treadwell book, Senior Scavenger Hunt.