Enter for your chance to win! Win! Win!

I totally love Alice Marvels, from its spot-on YA book reviews to its dreamy illustrations. And right now at this very second, they are not only featuring The Viscount’s Daughter in the Indie Spotlight section, but they’re also sponsoring an awesome giveaway!

You could enter for a chance to win one of three Treadwell Academy paperback trios, featuring The Rock Star’s Daughter (still in the Top 10 Romance books for teens after all these months!), The Believer’s Daughter, and The Viscount’s Daughter. And one grand prize winner will also win the books, plus a totally cute Kate Sutton-designed backpack for Le SportSac filled with nifty school supplies.

So you might not be going back to school at the Treadwell Academy, but you can take the Academy with you!  Don’t delay, enter before September 7th, and while you’re there, sign up for the Alice Marvels newsletter. They feature really fantastic books and always have tons of giveaways going on.

Good luck!

Tomorrow I’m off to the beach and I’ll be blogging all my shopping adventures.


A Visit to the Sorolla Museum in Madrid

In The Viscount’s Daughter, Kristijan takes Betsey to the restored home of Impressionist painter Joaquin Sorolla, a resident of Madrid.  On my own trip to Spain last year, I was knocked off my feet by the serene beauty of this home and its gardens, which is smack dab in the middle of a busy business neighborhood, surrounded by a sunny yellow wall.

Sorolla was best known for his masterful control of light, especially in his series of beach paintings. Every museum in Madrid seems to have works by Sorolla, but his most famous works are all kept at the house.



Amazing, right?

If you ever have an opportunity to travel to Madrid, I really urge you not to skip this little museum. It’s a gem!  You can learn more about Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida and see more of his beautiful work on his Wiki page.

Have a great weekend, guys! There are supposed to be wild thunderstorms in New York City. I can’t wait.

Welcome to Madrid!

When I drafted my first outline for The Viscount’s Daughter and began planning for Betsey’s story to overlap with the continuation of Taylor’s in The Rock Star’s Daughter sequel (due out this fall), I needed a perfect destination for some of the action. It had to be a little exotic and luxurious, because (not to spoil too much of the plot) I wanted Jake to turn up in Taylor’s life again somewhere completely unexpected.

It also had to be a city where I’ve visited before, because it’s just too hard for me to try to convincingly write about a city to which I’ve never traveled.  I considered Berlin, but it didn’t seem like such a Taylor kind of town (it is, however, totally a Caitlyn kind of town). Paris was also an option, but given the circumstances of Betsey’s life, Paris wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary for her.

And then it came to me: Madrid! I visited Spain last year for my friend Tranner’s wedding (The Believer’s Daughter is dedicated to her) and fell head-over-heels in love with the sunny, friendly city. Everyone told me when I was planning my trip to go to Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona… and yet it was Madrid, ornate and modern, that captured my heart.

The fancy buildings of Madrid!


The grand, grand avenues of Madrid


Chocolateria San Ginas



Where Kristijan takes Betsey on her first night in Spain

I’ll be posting more pics and info about Madrid over the next few days to tell you more about this beautiful city, and help you visualize the events in the story as Kristijan, Betsey and Taylor invade Spain on a mission to prevent Todd from falling in love with another girl.