Enter for a chance to WIN a $300 Coach gift card!

You’ve read the book… now tell me which celebrity parent you’d choose for yourself for a chance to win a $300 gift certificate at Coach and an autographed copy of the book!

Visit Wattpad and comment your response to the question…

If you could choose any famous musician to be your parent, who would it be, and why?

That’s all you’ve got to do (other than join Wattpad, if you  haven’t already – it’s an awesome website) and you’ve got until the end of March to do it!



2 thoughts on “Enter for a chance to WIN a $300 Coach gift card!

  1. Just finished the Rock Stars Daughter and it was amazing! I’m thinking of starting on a novel myself reflecting my life in a private catholic school and showing horses. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, thanks for your note! My first suggestion is… WRITE IT! While it’s cliche to say “write what you know,” it definitely is how I go about writing. I start with an outline and as I’m shaping characters I try to figure out exactly what each character needs to experience during the book to reach closure by the end. For Taylor, it was not only acceptance of her mom’s death, but also allowing herself to love and be loved by family members since she had grown up with such a strange dynamic with her mom. I love the idea of a story line that involves showing horses. The main character in Book #2 of the Treadwell Academy series has a horse (she doesn’t show, just rides). I think especially when we’re kids/teenagers we allow ourselves to be our true selves around animals we love, so there’s definitely a lot of story possibilities there. Don’t think – just write!

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